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Selenium 1.0 Testing Tools: Beginner's Guide

Selenium 1.0 Testing Tools: Beginner's Guide

Publisher Packt Publishing Limited
Year 15/12/2010
Pages 232
Version paperback
Readership level General/trade
ISBN 9781849510264
Categories Software testing & verification
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Book description

Written with a fast-paced but friendly and engaging approach, this Packt Beginner's Guide is designed to be placed alongside the computer as your guide and mentor. Step-by-step tutorials are bolstered by explanations of the reasoning behind what you are doing. You will quickly pick up the necessary skills, tips, and tricks for creating successful tests for your web applications with practical examples that help you to learn by experiment and play. If you are a Software quality assurance professional, software project manager, or software developer interested in developing automated testing in web based applications, then this book is definitely for you.

Selenium 1.0 Testing Tools: Beginner's Guide

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