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Walking in the Auvergne: 42 Walks in the Massif Central - France's volcano region

Walking in the Auvergne: 42 Walks in the Massif Central - France's volcano region

Publisher Cicerone Press
Year 21/01/2020
Pages 256
Version paperback
Readership level General/trade
ISBN 9781852846510
Categories Walking, hiking, trekking
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Book description

This walking guidebook describes 42 day routes exploring the stunning Auvergne region in central France. The walks are ideal for day walkers and hikers, with routes ranging from easy 5km outings to more challenging 20km hikes. All are illustrated with clear mapping and colour photographs. The guide focuses on the best routes in five different areas, including Cantal, the Chaine des Puys (Monts Domes), the Monts Dore, the Haute Loire (Livradois and Velay) and the Montagne Bourbonnaise, with bases including Vichy, Clermont-Ferrand and Puy-en-Velay. The routes in this guidebook offer walking on truly spectacular volcanic landscape, with grassy domes and volcanic bowls and long, rambling ridges, yet the walking is generally suitable (nothing over 1,900m) for all walkers, and the area is both accessible and provides a wide range of cultural and historical (and geological) interest. The guidebook also provides a wide range of practical information for visiting the Auvergne, with accommodation transport, and preparation advice, as well as providing a wealth of detail on the many places of interest along the walks.

Walking in the Auvergne: 42 Walks in the Massif Central - France's volcano region

Table of contents

Overview map
Map key

Plants and wildlife
Food and drink
When to go
Getting there
Getting around
Hazards and emergencies
Using this guide

1 The Cantal
Walk 1 Puy de Niermont
Walk 2 An Ascent of the Puy de Peyre Arse
Walk 3 Puy Mary with Optional Excursion to Puy de la Tourte
Walk 4 Traverse of the Breche de Rolland from Puy Mary to Peyre Arse
Walk 5 Around Medieval Murat
Walk 6 The Plomb du Cantal
Walk 7 A Rombiere Ramble
Walk 8 Puy Griou
Walk 9 Up the Usclade
Walk 10 The Elanceze
Walk 11 Puy Violent and the Shadow Rock
Walk 12 Roches Taillade and Roc d'Hozieres
Walk 13 Circuit of Puy Chavaroche
Walk 14 St Cirgues de Jordanne - Southern circuit
Walk 15 St Cirgues de Jordanne - Northern circuit

2 The Chaine des Puys (Monts Domes)
Walk 16 Puy de Dome
Walk 17 Puys Lassolas and de la Vache
Walk 18 Around Orcival
Walk 19 Puy des Gouttes
Walk 20 The Crater of Puy Pariou
Walk 21 The Water of Volvic

3 The Monts Dore
Walk 22 The Grand Horseshoe: Puy de Sancy from Mont-Dore
Walk 23 Up the Chaudefour Valley to Puys Sancy and Ferrand
Walk 24 Around Lake Pavin
Walk 25 Connecting the Cascades of Puy d'Angle
Walk 26 The Tuiliere and Sanadoire rocks
Walk 27 A Tour of the Curiosities of St Nectaire
Walk 28 Lake Guery and the Banne d'Ordanche

4 The Haute-Loire: Livradois Forez and Velay
Walk 29 Around Chaise-Dieu and the Senouire
Walk 30 The Gorges of the Loire
Walk 31 A Circuit of Allegre
Walk 32 Mont Bar from Allegre
Walk 33 Domeyrat and the Senouire
Walk 34 Vieille Brioude and the Ceroux
Walk 35 Lavaudieu Abbey and the Senouire

5 The Montagne Bourbonnaise
Walk 36 The Ruins of Montgilbert
Walk 37 Milling around the Mills
Walk 38 Around Chatel Montagne and the Puy de Roc
Walk 39 Rocher St Vincent
Walk 40 The Cascade de la Pisserote
Walk 41 The Plateau de la Verrerie and its Tourbiere
Walk 42 Pierre Chatel from St Nicolas des Biefs

Appendix A Route summary table
Appendix B Glossary of French walking terms
Appendix C Further reading
Appendix D Useful contacts

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