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Panjabi Made Easy: Work-book Bk. 1

Panjabi Made Easy: Work-book Bk. 1

Publisher Nagra Publications
Year 01/09/2008
Pages 48
Version paperback
Readership level Primary and secondary/elementary and high school
Language English
ISBN 9781870383851
Categories Educational: Languages other than English
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Book description

This is the first work- book of Panjabi Made Easy series. It will prove more effective is used in conjunction with Panjabi Made Easy Book 1. It is specially produced to help develop early literacy skills. It will help learners to learn the shapes and sounds of letters of the Panjabi alphabet. There are enough opportunities for learners to trace and copy letters of the alphabet. This is the revised edition.

Panjabi Made Easy: Work-book Bk. 1

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