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An Illustrated History of UFOs

An Illustrated History of UFOs

Publisher Nobrow Ltd
Year 01/10/2020
Pages 128
Version hardback
Readership level General/trade
ISBN 9781910620694
Categories Conspiracy theories, Folklore, myths & legends, Space science, UFOs & extraterrestrial beings
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Book description

Mysterious lights in the sky. Alien abductions. Government cover-ups. Dedicated ufologists have spent years documenting unexplained phenomena from flying saucers to extraterrestrial life. Uncover the history of UFOs in this illustrated guide, which separates the science fiction from the facts. The mysterious history of flying saucers is explored in-depth, from potential alien visitors as far back as Stonehenge to UFO cults and the secrets of Area 51. Adam Allsuch Boardman details in his signature graphic style the aircraft and artefacts associated with the search for the truth about UFOs.

An Illustrated History of UFOs

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