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The Entrepreneurial Myth

The Entrepreneurial Myth

Publisher LID Publishing
Year 01/06/2019
Edition First
Pages 240
Version paperback
Readership level Professional and scholarly
Language English
ISBN 9781912555086
Categories Entrepreneurship, Self-help & personal development
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Book description

Entrepreneurs are defined as all-powerful, never-fail gurus who shoulder our collective necessity for enterprise. Promoted through education, politics and media, the mythical entrepreneur bears little relation to the messy reality of running a small business. Based on analysis spanning 30 years, this book challenges the pervasive misrepresentation of business creators in the UK, US, India and China. It examines how The Entrepreneurial Myth damages entrepreneur's mental health, skews public policy, amplifies business failure rates and undermines global economies. Hear a heartfelt call to business people and politicians, legislators and educators, to redesign enterprise for the next generation. Help strip The Entrepreneurial Myth of its power and recalibrate success. Seize this vital opportunity to boost entrepreneurial wellbeing and resilience. This book is a timely invitation to build a more reflective, more effective entrepreneurship for the health and wealth of all.

The Entrepreneurial Myth

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