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Contemplating Comedy

Contemplating Comedy

Publisher The Conrad Press
Year 20/11/2020
Pages 336
Version paperback
Readership level General/trade
ISBN 9781913567408
Categories General studies
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Book description

'Contemplating Comedy' is a fabulous compilation of laugh-out-loud funny lines, guaranteed to have readers in stitches as they browse the book. The humour is presented in an original and engaging way, enticing readers to choose their favourite lines and think about what really makes them laugh. Beyond the comedy the author also shares some insights and ideas honed from a lifetime of offbeat experience - a painless way to help remove the stitches.

Contemplating Comedy

Table of contents

Introduction 11
Chapter One: Planet earth closes down: The party animal's guide to social distancing 15
Party animals 18
Chapter Two: Self-referential humour and I 24
Oxymorons 30
Malapropisms 34
Spoonerisms 43
Chapter Three: Good god no! My unbiblical chord was cut off in my prime 61
Historical context 64
Three nineteenth century intellectuals 68
Modern times and the new atheists 74
Writers, scientists, comedians and others 84
Bertrand Russell's celestial teapot 103
A thought experiment 105
Fear of death 108
Chapter Four: The divine comedian - how the fission chips got inside the farcical accelerator 111
Working idioms and phrases 112
Serious punishment: Puns and wordplay 117
Reversal 129
Change of perception 136
Set pieces 144
Dark humour 160
Chapter Five: Psychology - it gets inside your head 169
Lesson one: People are rubbish at logic and lazy too 171
Lesson two: Punishment, reward and reversion
to the mean 179
Lesson three: Motivation. Why bother? 183
Lesson four: Bouncebackability 185
Lesson five: Buckets of water, addiction to words
and issues with projection 189
Chapter Six: Battle of the sexes 194
Sexism 195
Differences between men and women 197
Evolutionary psychology 202
The progression of the male-female relationship 211
Chapter Seven: Contemplation in the fast lane 232
The three C's: Cause, choice and chance 236
Mad, bad and sad 240
Boundary issues 242
Scope for horror 246
Meme sequencing 249
Another brick in the wall 252
Paradox resolved 281
Chapter Eight: About doubt - the black swan's guide to risk management 292
About doubt: The psychology of risk 296
Skill is the elimination of luck 302
Black swans 304
Chapter Nine: The fine art of the insult: Roasts, sledges and bumper stickers 307
Insults 307
Sledging in cricket 322
Bumper stickers 326

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