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Nanophotocatalysis and Environmental Applications

Nanophotocatalysis and Environmental Applications

Publisher Springer Nature Customer Service Center GmbH
Year 01/01/2019
Edition First
Pages 273
Version hardback
Readership level Professional and scholarly
Language English
ISBN 9783030049485
Categories Pollution & threats to the environment, Industrial chemistry, Alternative & renewable energy sources & technology, Others
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Book description

This book presents photocatalysis as a state-of-art technology in energy production and conversion. The ever increasing demand for energy with growing economies has led to a dearth of energy sources. The exhaustive dependability on non-renewable resources of energy has not just depleted them but also lead to the birth of secondary problems such as pollution and climate change. The photoactive processes have opened a new window for the production of green energy and helped in environmental sustainability. The harnessing of renewable sources especially sun and water for fuel production and noxious gases reduction solve both the issues of pollution mitigation and energy crisis.

Nanophotocatalysis and Environmental Applications

Table of contents

1. Nanophotocatalysts for fuel production.- 2. Highly stable metal oxides-based heterostructured photocatalysts for an efficient photocatalytic hydrogen production.- 3. Novelty in designing of photocatalysts for water splitting and CO2 reduction.- 4. Z-Scheme Photocatalysts for the Reduction of Carbon Dioxide: Recent Advances and Perspectives.- 5. Photocatalysts for Artifical Photosynthesis.- 6. Polymeric semiconductors as efficient photocatalysts for water purification and solar hydrogen production.- 7. Advances and innovations in photocatalysis.- 8. Solar Light Active Nano Photocatalysts.- 9. High performance photocatalysts for organic reactions.

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