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Aesthetic Vaginal Plastic Surgery: A Practical Guide

Aesthetic Vaginal Plastic Surgery: A Practical Guide

Publisher Springer Nature Switzerland AG
Year 27/09/2019
Pages 222
Version hardback
Readership level Professional and scholarly
ISBN 9783030248185
Categories Urology & urogenital medicine, Gynaecology & obstetrics, Plastic & reconstructive surgery
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Book description

This book schematically discusses the available techniques for aesthetic vaginoplasty, including vagina rejuvenation and other related surgical and non-surgical approaches. By furthering our understanding of the field, it promotes a better surgical practice on aesthetic vaginal surgeries. More specifically, this book will enable surgeons to correctly assess patients, choose and plan procedures, and reproduce the most common surgical aesthetic vaginal procedures. Each chapter is written in a pedagogical way, promoting a direct applicability. For each surgical procedure discussed, it features topics such as consultation and patient's intentions, clinical examination, anatomy and important landmarks, surgical technique and possible complications. Aesthetic Vaginal Plastic Surgery: A Practical Guide is intended for any medical professional interested in vagina aesthetic and rejuvenation procedures, especially those in the fields of plastic surgery, gynecology and urology.

Aesthetic Vaginal Plastic Surgery: A Practical Guide

Table of contents

Part I: IntroductionChapter 1 Why Genital and Vaginal RejuvenationChapter 2 Challenges When Starting My Vaginal Rejuvenation PracticePart II: Vaginal Rejuvenation-External Aesthetic Surgical TechniquesChapter 3 Wedge LabiaplastyChapter 4 Lazy S Labiaplasty (Edge Labiaplasty)Chapter 5 Longitudinal HoodplastyChapter 6 Horseshoe HoodplastyChapter 7 Labiaplasty and Hoodplasty CombinedChapter 8 Labia Majora AugmentationChapter 9 Labia Majora ResectionChapter 10 Pubic RegionChapter 11 HymenoplastyPart III Vaginal Rejuvenation: Internal Aesthetic Surgical TechniquesChapter 12 PerineoplastyChapter 13 Anterior VaginoplastyChapter 14 Posterior VaginoplastyChapter 15 Combination of Anterior and Posterior Vaginoplasty plus PerineoplastyPart IV: Vaginal Rejuvenation: Nonsurgical and BeyondChapter 16 Labia Majora Non-Surgical Options: Lightening-Fillers-Skin TighteningChapter 17 Non-Surgical Vaginal Tightening ProceduresChapter 18 G Spot Enhancement

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