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Physical and Numerical Simulation of Material Processing VI

Physical and Numerical Simulation of Material Processing VI

Publisher Trans Tech Publications Ltd
Year 31/01/2012
Pages 1640
Version paperback
Readership level Professional and scholarly
ISBN 9783037853061
Categories Materials science
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Book description

Physical and numerical simulations make it possible for materials science to go from experience-based to science-based, and from qualitative to quantitative understanding. Physical simulations, which effectively reveal the underlying principles of a material's structure and property evolution, save significant amounts of time and money. Numerical simulations meanwhile permit descriptions and forms of material processes which are impossible to achieve experimentally. Both types of simulation are naturally gaining acceptance worldwide, and will become a prominent approach used in materials research in the 21st century. Young researchers will therefore benefit greatly from studying this volume.

Physical and Numerical Simulation of Material Processing VI

Table of contents

Features of Deformation of Partly Crystallization Blooms at their Two-Stage Soft Reduction
Al2O3-TiC/Fe Functionally Gradient Material Prepared by SHS Casting
Derivation and Application for Calculation of Carbon Content in Austenitizing of Cast Iron
Field Synergy Analysis for Inclusion Removal in the Continuous Casting Tundish
Study on the Microstructures and Wear Resistance of ZG30Cr Steel Surface Layer
Numerical Simulation Analysis on Shrinkage and Porosity of ZL101A Alloy Mechanism Box
The St Venant Zone Extent of the Self-Balancing Longitudinal Elastic Stress
Casting Process Optimization for Large Bearing Bush of Zinc-Base Alloy
Study on Formability of Tailor Welded Blanks Based on Numerical Simulation
Numerical Simulation of Flow Field and Temperature Field on Aluminium Alloy Engine Cylinder in Casting Process
Simulation of the Temperature, Stress, Strain Field in Aluminum Thin-Gauge High-Speed Casting
Modelling of Microstructure Evolution during Thermal Processes - A Hybrid Deterministic-Probabilistic Approach
Solidification Simulation of Melt-Cast Explosive under Pressurization
LY12 Flange Squeeze Casting and the Die Design
The Defects Analysis and Numerical Simulation of Automobile Brake Hydro Cylinder in Permanent Casting
The Computer Solidification Simulation and Process Optimization of Gear Ring
Research on Preparation of Transparent Hydrophilic Antifogging Acrylate Resin
Numerical Simulation and Experiment Research on Thick Plate Multi-Point Forming Process with Elastic Cushion
Simulation of Shape Distortions during Flat Bottom Raising Process with Titanium Alloy Sheet Based on ADINA
A Numerical Simulation of Microstructure Evolution of GH4169 Alloy Blade during Finish Forging
Research on New Thermal Hole Flanging Process of Connection Tube Forming in Heavy Nuclear Power Thick-Wall Head
Study on Thermal Deformation Behavior of Cu-P Weathering Steel
Study on Formability of Micro-Feature in the Coining Process
High Temperature Deformation Behavior and Microstructure Preparation of Cu-Ni-Si-P Alloy
Study on High Temperature Deformation Characteristics of BTi-62421S
Comparison of Warm Deformation Behavior between Quenched and Annealed ASTM 1045 Steel
Numerical Simulation of Al Ball Forming Process in Skew Rolling
Numerical Simulation of Seamless Tube's Stretch Reducing Process
Mathematical and Physical Modeling of Soft Cobbing Process of Hot Rolling Steels
A One-Point Quadrature Element Used in Simulation of Cold Ring Rolling Process
Research and Analysis of Material Flow Regularity in the Process of Cross Wedge Rolling for Wrought Aluminum Alloy
The Numerical Simulation of Conductive Body Forming Process and Mould Design
Application of Optimization Algorithms in Injection Molding Process Parameters Optimization
Flow Behavior of Ultra-High Strength Boron Steel at Elevated Temperature
Effect of the Die and Tool Structure on Continuous Extrusion Expansion Forming of Copper
Finite Element Simulation of Biting Process of Cold Rolling Strip for 6-High Mill
Hot Deformation Behavior and Processing Maps of Cr-Ni-Mn-N Austenitic Stainless Steel
Application of an Improved Trust-Region Method to Rigid-Plastic Finite Element Analysis in Strip Rolling
Flow Stress Behavior of Al-Fe-V-Si Heat-Resistant Aluminum Alloy Prepared by Spray Forming under Hot-Compression Deformation
Research on Quartz Flat Mirror's Thermal Deformation under the Condition of Non Uniform Heating
Brass H62 Hot Extrusion of Micro Gear
Forming Mechanism of Folding Defect within Closed Die Forming Car Steering Knuckle
Study on Load Control and Optimization of Rotary Forging Method for Heavy and Thick-Walled Container Head by FEM
Experimental Study of Hot Forming Process by Direct Resistance Heating
Research on Boronizing of the Whetstone Forming Die
Simulated Research on Hot Forming Mechanism of Sour Service Drill Pipe Steel
Calculation Model of Punch Force during Tube Extrusion
Tribological Characteristics on the Helical Gear in Cold Forging Mold
Numerical Simulation on the Casting Process of Gray Iron Brake Pad
Investigation on Slurry Filling Sequence during Semi-Solid Forming of Complex Aluminum Part
The Simulated Calculation and Optimizing Experimental Research of the Residual Stress of the Heavy Rail Straightening
Die Forging Process Simulation of a Connecting Rod
Agriculture Auto Workpiece Injection Mold Design Based on CAE
Analysis on Contact Forms of Interface in Wafer CMP Based on Lubricating Behavior
Analysis of the Surface Residual Stress in Grinding Aermet100
The Effect of Heat Treatment on Mechanical and Corrosion Performances of Zr-Nb Alloy
TD-GC-MS Analysis on Volatile Organic Compounds of Chinese Fir Biomass in Simulated Hot Drying Environment
Experimental Analysis of Seed Effect on the Directional Solidification of Sn-Pb Alloy
The New Technology of Softening Control for Copper Weld Joint Using Pretension Method
Application of Digital Simulation Software ANSYS in Rolling Concrete Dams Construction Technology
Rigid Plastic FEM Model of Fast Solution to Strip Rolling
Effect of k on Aluminium Trihydroxide Crystallization from Sodium Aluminate Soluntion under Ultrasound
Numerical Calculations on the Grating-Assisted Phase Matching Condition of High Harmonic Generation in Photonic Crystal Fiber
Study on Temperature Change Rule of Sprayed Composite Powders in Flight
High Concentration of Viscous Material Pipeline Characteristics of the Discussion
Valence Electron Theoretical Analysis of Mechanical Properties in Low-Alloy Steel
A Study on Magnetic Separation Washability Mathematical Model of Pulverized Coal
Molecular-Dynamics Studies of the Diffusion of H2 in All-Silica ZSM-5
Detonating Gas Simulation Experiment System Based on the Dynamic ESD Model on Human Body
Numerical Simulation and Experiment Research on Temperature Field of Steel Slab in Walking Beam Furnace
Effect of Red Extractives of Plantation Leaves on Bamboo Biomass Mildewing
Predicted Model of Section Stress Distribution and Bending Strength of Fiberboard Based on Vertical Density Profile
Application of CAD/CAM Systems for Computer Simulation of Metal Forming Processes
Numerical Simulation and PIV Test on Flow-Field Character of Zinc-Silica Composite Electrolyte
The Significant Difference with the Relationships of T2 and Moisture Distribution between Untreated and Esterified Poplar
Numerical Simulation of the Airliner Door under Explosion Impact Loading and Reinforcement Technique
Modeling Cation Distributions of PbZr0.5Ti0.5O3
A Study on Heat Transfer Model in Wood Particle during the Pyrolysis
Vacuum Paddle Fast Pyrolysis Reactor Design and Internal Heat Transfer Investigation
Phase Relationships in the Y-Fe-V Ternary System at 773 K
Research on Tensile Stress Relaxation Characteristics of Pinus sylvestris
Ultrasonic Treatment of Activated Carbon Used in Adsorption of Basic Fuchsin
First-Principle Calculations of the Electronic Structure and Elastic Constants of Arsenic Doped -SiC
Research of Ti2AlC/TiAl (Nb, B) Composites Based on Multi-Fractal Spectrum
Influence of Hot Deformation on Microstructure of Non-Quenching and Non-Tempering Pipe 36Mn2V Used in Oil Well
Finite Element Analysis and Optimization for the High Voltage Disconnector Self-Elastic Contact Base on ANSYS Workbench
Preparation of Activated Carbon of Lignin from Straw Pulping by Chemical Activation Using Potassium Carbonate
Numerical Modeling of Heat and Moisture Transfer during Microwave Drying of Wood above FSP (Part I: The Model)
Solidification Cracking Susceptibility of Alloy 52 Weld Overlay on 316L Stainless Steel
Unsteady Conjugate Numerical Simulation of the Solar Chimney Power Plant System with Vertical Heat Collector
The Research on Relationship between Heat Generation and Crosslinking Density of Vulcanized Rubber
The Effect of Y on Aging Response and Mechanical Properties of Mg-Ho-Zr Alloys
Quantitative Separation of NMR Signal Amplitude of Water in Wood on the Basis of T2
Water Inrush Monitoring of Zhangmatun Mine Grout Curtain and Seepage-Stress-Damage Research
Solidification and Boride Characteristics of Boron-Containing Austenitic Stainless Steel
Research and Application of Pre-Bent Automatic Control Models of 100 Meters Rail
Study on Health Function of Cunninghamia lanceolata Biomass by TD-GC-MS
Effect of Annealing on Microstructure and Properties for Semi-Solid Magnesium Strips
The Heat Treatment Parameters and Microconstituent Content Prediction of ADI Based on Fuzzy Subtractive Clustering Method
Analysis on Pyrolysis Products of Phyllostachys heterocycla in Heat Charring
Study on the Coupled Structural-Acoustic Systems for Transport Aircraft
Effect of Additive on Microwave Absorption Properties of Hollow Ceramic Microspheres Prepared by Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis (SHS) Flame Quenching Technology
Investigating the Influence of the Power Supply Type upon the Weld Joints Properties and Health Characteristics of the Manual Arc Welding
Optimization of Structure Parameters for Hydraulic Energy Accumulated Torpedo Launching Device
Thermal Transfer Boundary Condition and Thermal Load of Piston for Torpedo Cam Engines
Consolidation of High-Level Radioactive Wastes into Strontium Titanate by CS Method
Forces on a Circular Hole Located in Functionally Graded Material
Total Fatigue Life Prediction under Constant Amplitude Loading
Numerical Simulation of Fracture Saturation in Multilayer Materials in Symmetric Case
Influence of Three-Step Aging Heat Treatment on Properties of 7A04 Aluminum Alloy
Internet Based Shared Control of Vehicle Steering when Driver Is under Situation of Tendency to Accidents
Study on Simulation and Experiment of Drilling for Titanium Alloys
Effects of External Loads on the Reliability of A131 Welded Pipe with Circumferential Crack
Numerical Simulation of MIG Welding Arc with Longitudinal Magnetic Field
Effect of Marangoni Convection on Welding Pool of Plasma Direct Metal Forming Finite Element Model
Numerical Simulation of Molten Metal Droplet Impinging in Uniform Droplet Spray Rapid Prototyping
The Morphology and Evolution of Cu6Sn5 at the Interface of Sn-2.5Ag-0.7Cu-0.1RE/Cu Solder Joint during the Isothermal Aging
Coarsening of Particles in Coarse Grain Heat-Affected Zone for Ti Microalloyed Steels
Study of Carbonitride Precipitates in the Fe-Cr-Mn-N Hardfacing Alloy
Study on the Failure Mechanism of Enamel Coatings in HAZ
Microstructure and Fractrue Behaviors of Welded Joint of Particle Reinforced SiCp/ZC71 Magnesium Matrix Composites
The Coupled Thermal Mechanical Modeling of the Inertia Friction Welding Process for Inconel718
FEM Modelling and Press Signature Evolution of a Typical Car Stamping
Numerical Simulation of Weld Metal by Ultra-Narrow Gap Arc Welding
A Study of Numerical Modelling of Liquid Filler Flow within Braze Gap on Vacuum Brazing
Finite Element Analysis of Transient Welding Stress and Strain during Ti-6Al-4V Thin Plate Welding with Impact Rotation
Study on Fast-Convert Ultrasonic Frequency Pulse TIG Welding Arc Characteristic
Microstructure and Performance of Fe-Based Composite Clad Layer Fabricateded by Submerged-Arc Welding Added Alloy Powder
Study on the Ball Joint Sealing of Aluminium Control Arms
Virtual Optimization of Regulating and Controlling on Welding Residual Stress of Francis Turbine Runner
The Effect of Hybrid Ultrasonic Pulse Current Parameters on VPTIG Arc Pressure and Weld Formation
Predication of Wettability of Sn Droplet on Copper Plate by MEAM Method
Low-Cycle Fatigue Behavior of Large-Size Dissimilar Steel Welded Tube-Plate Structure
Investigation on the Welding Temperature Field Measurement in Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
The Synthesis of CNTs over Hydroxyapatite by CVD and the Preparation of CNTs/HA in Situ Composite
Numerical Study on Bubble-Melt Two-Phase Flows in the Production Process of Aluminum Foams
Study on Fracture Micro-Mechanics Mechanism and Dynamic Energy Absorption Property of Closed-Cell Foam Metals
Research on Thermal Mechanical Properties of Rubber Like Materials Based on Numerical Simulation
Effect of Materials Characteristics on Average Crack Spacing of Reinforced Concrete Specimen
Elements Diffusion Asymmetry in Transient Liquid Phase Diffusion Bonding of Dissimilar Metals
Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of TiAl-Based Alloys Prepared by High-Energy Ball Milling and Hot-Pressing Sintering
Investigation and Numerical Modeling of the Process of Cold Rolling HSLA Steels
Effect of Microstructure on Transmission Properties of Polycrystalline Transparent Ceramics
Characteristics of Embrittlement in Weather Resistant Steel in Austenite and -Ferrite Temperature Range
Corrosion Resistance of Ceramics and High-Temperature Phase Change of Powders on Cubic Silicon Nitride
Effect of Ultrasonic Vibration Grinding for Mechanical Properties of Al2O3/ZrO2 Ceramics
Effects of High Magnetic Field Heat Treatment on the Microstructure of Fe-0.76%C Alloy
Effect of Thermocycling on the Thermal Degradation Kinetics of Goatskin Collagen Matrices
High-Speed Dry Tribological Behaviors of CrNiMo Steel in Nitrogen and Oxygen Atmospheres
A Study on High Temperature Mechanical Properties of HRB335C Steel
Influence of Hot Extrusion on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of As-Cast AZ91 Magnesium Alloy
Oxygen Physisorption Characteristics of Coal
Microstructure Evolution of Undercooled Austenite during Deformation for Medium-Carbon Si-Mn Steel
Grain Boundary Character Distribution and its Effect on Corrosion Resistance of Copper and Brass
The Synthesis and Feature Rearch on the Thermosensitive Hydrogels (NIPA-co-AAm)
Temperature and Strain-Rate Effect to Mechanical Behavior of Mo-Cr Alloy Cast Iron
Effection of Process Factors Pillaring Agent Prepared on Properties of Pillared-Montmorillonite
Flow Behavior of Fe-3%Si Steel at High Temperatures and Strain Rates
Strain-Rate Relationship of Aluminum Matrix Composites Predicted by Johnson-Cook Model
Preparation of Al Foam Sandwiches and Analyzing on the Interface Solidification Microstructure
Numerical Simulation of the Effects of Different Coatings on Graphite Susceptor for the Induction Process of Polycrystalline Silicon
Effective Way to Improve the Magnetoresistance Effect in Perovskite at Room Temperature
The Indentation Behavior of Closed-Cell Al Foam under the Flat-End Cylindrical Indenter
Interfacial Friction of Ceramics at High Temperature Ring-Compression Test
Numerical Simulation of Interfacial Debonding Crack in Particle Reinforced Composites
Digital Image-Based Model for Concrete Fracturing Process Analysis
Transmission Electron Microscopy Observations on the Precipitates in Al-Zn-Mg Based Sacrificial Anode Alloy
Simulation Study of Hydraulic Fracturing Mechanism with Heterogeneous Material
Effect of the Rotating Speed of Centrifugal Machine on Microstructures and Properties of Recycled WCP/Fe-C Composites
Effects of Cr-Mo Infiltration Source Cathode Different Mixing Proportion on the Thickness of Alloy Layer
The Resistance of SiC/Al Layered Composite to Ballistic Impacting
Analysis on Unwinding Effect of FRP-OFBG Cables
An Investigation of High Temperature Oxidation Dynamics of U71Mn Steel
Study on Preparation and Impact Performance of the Aluminium Foam Reinforced by ZrO2 Spheres
Study of the Impact Properties of Steel 25Mn
Arbitrary-Order Spherical Harmonics Method for Coupled Heat Transfer in Semitransparent Materials
Welding Sequence Optimization of TA15 Airplane Wall Panels
Influence of Steel Slag on Compressive Strength and Durability of Concrete
Multirange Fractal Analysis of Discontinuous Microstructure Change of In-40wt.%Sn Melt
Preparation of Activated Carbons for Electrochemical Capacitors by Microwave Heating
Metallic Tribological Compatibility of Moss-Toughened Mo2Ni3Si Metal Silicide Alloys
Numerical Study on Magnetic Field Characteristics of Typical Permanent Magnet
Effect of Modification on Mechanical Behavior of ZA303 under High Temperature
Optimization Design on the Mechanical Properties of Ceramic Tool and Die Material with Immune Algorithm
Research of Inclination Angle Effect on Joint Rock Macromechanical Parameters
Effect of AlN on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Mg-Al-Zn Alloy
Study on Viscosity of Zr-Cu Alloys Based on Viscosity Measurement and Hirai Model
Geometric Parameters Optimization Design for Aluminum Alloy Welding Joint Based on Increasing Fatigue Strength
Microstructure of Aluminum Bronze Coating Sprayed by Cold Gas Dynamic Spraying (CGDS)
Simulation of the Young's Modulus Anisotropy in CVD Diamond Film
Effect of Bell-Type Annealing Process on Properties of SPCC Cold-Rolled Steel Sheet
Thermal Simulation Study of 900MPa Grade High-Strength Low Alloy Steel in Welding Procedures
Surface Finishing for Al2O3 Ceramics
Modeling of Carburization and Thermal Stress Analysis for Ethylene Cracking Furnace Tube
Analysis of Unit and Binary Diffusion in Glow Plasma Surface Alloying Process
Research on W-Mo-Y Multi-Elements Co-Diffusion Treatment and Plasma Nitriding
Research on Corrosion Resistance of Titanizing and Nitriding on Carbon Steel in H2SO4 Solution
Hot Rolling of FeSi Steels - Effects by Hot Rolling in the Two Phase Region
Numerical Simulation of Rotational Tool Shoulder Shape's Effect on Transfer Behavior of Welding Plastic Metal in Friction Stir Welding
Study on Blanking Force of Fine-Blanking with Negative Clearance and Common Blanking for AISI-1045 through Simulation and Experiment Methods
Numerical Simulation and Experiment Study on the Blanking Force for AISI-1020 and AISI-1045 Fine-Blanking with Negative Clearance
Effects of Shielding Gas and Magnetic Field on Characteristics of AZ31 Magnesium Alloy by TIG Welding
Flux Jet Technique for Purification of Molten Aluminum
Effect of Hydrogen Content on Impact Property of A357 Alloy
A Novel Technology of Hydrogen Measurement Based on Directional Solidification in Molten Aluminum Alloy
Antiwear Behavior of Micro-Arc Oxidated Coating Rubbing on Abrasive Paper
Influence of Laser Parameters on Magnesium Alloy Surface Modification
Investigation of Precipitated Hardening Layer Performance on Machined NAK80 Steel Surface
Parameter Forecast and Parameter Optimization of High Inner-Pressure Hydro-Forming Tees Based on Genetic Algorithms and Back Propagation Algorithms
Microstructure Analysis of Surface Film on 8407 Die Steel Obtained by Aluminization and Oxidation
Wear Resistance of Fe-Cr-C-TiFe Fe-Based Composite Coating Prepared by Precursor Carbonization-Composition Process and Plasma Cladding
Fabrication and Properties of APS- and RTS-Sprayed TiB2/Mo2FeB2 Multiphase Ceramic Coating on Q235 Steel
Tribological Behaviors of Ti6Al4V with Surface Plasma Molybdenized
Plasma Jet Acquisition and Image Processing Technology
Study on Diffusion Processes of Water and Proton in PEM Using Molecular Dynamics Simulation
Variable Parameter Processes of Micro-Arc Oxidation for Aluminium Alloy
Physic Simulation of Slurry Preparation by Ultrasonic Vibration in Semisolid Metal Processing
A Generalized Model for Residual Stress Caused by Thermal Mismatch in Multilayer Structures
Finite Element Simulation of Limit Load of Components at High Temperature
A Method of Establishing Temperature Schedule during ASP Hot Strip Rolling
Creep Stress Analyses Affected by Load Properties on P91 Pipe with Local Wall Thinning under High Temperature

n Situ Study of Fracture Process for B-Class Shipbuilding Steel
Study on FEM Numerical Simulation Method for the Welding Distortion
Analysis of the Asymmetric Roll Bonding Process by Means of the Slab Method
Atomic-Scale Computer Simulation for early Precipitation Process of Ni75AlXV25-X Alloy with Middle Al Composition
Simulation for the Fluctuation Effect on the Dendrites Growth with Phase Field Method
Optimal Riser Design by STL Arbitrarily Slitting Method and Genetic Algorithm
Investigation on Nozzle Layout at Secondary Cooling Zone of Round Billet Continuous Casting
Design and Optimization of Loading Trajectory for S-Skin Stretch Forming Process by Simulation
Simulation of Residual Stress in Hot Rolled Large Size H-Beams
2.5D FEM Study and Optimization of Roll Pass Design in Roughing Mill Group
Analysis on the Critical Buckling Stress in the TC4 Thin Plate Weldment
Mismatch Simulation of Motion Detection Pointing Device
Investigation on Joining Mechanism of SiC Particle Reinforced Aluminum Matrix Composite (Al/SiCp-MMC) by Resistance Spot Welding
Study on Manufacturing Process and Applying of Galvalume
Numerical Simulation of Spinodal Deposition in Cu-6at.%Ni-3at.%Si Ternary Alloy Using of Phase Field Method
Study on the Section Inhomogeneity of VN Microallyed Heavy Plate during Controlled Rolling
Study on Organization and Properties of the New Wear-Resistant Steel
A Study on Mathematical Model of Deformation Force for Tube Nosing with Conical Die
Coupling Analysis on Hydrauic Press and Forming Moulds of the Containment of Nuclear Power Reactor
Finite Element Simulation of the Nosing Process of Metal Tubes with a Conical Die
Numerical Simulation and Analysis on Bending Forming of Hull Plate
Numerical Simulation on Spinning Forming Process of Automotive Wheel Rim
The Microstructure and Formability Study on DP Steel of Lightweight Automobile
Numerical Simulation of the Stamping Forming Process of Alloy Automobile Panel
Research on Air Quantitative Prediction Based on Mold Filling Simulation of High Pressure Die-Casting
FEM Dynamic Analysis of Continuous Rolling Pass of Seamless Tubes
Numerical Simulation of Eccentric Extrusion Form Bending Pipe Parts
The Effect of Bell-Type Annealing Temperature on the Mechanical Properties of SPCC Cold-Rolled Steel Sheet
Formability of Tailor-Welded Blanks for Steel with Different Thickness and Materials
Study on Welding of TIG Tailor Welded Galvanized Sheets and Formability of Stretch Forming
The Experimental Research of Tension and Performance of Press for 6061 Aluminum Alloy

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