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Electron Magnetic Resonance Principles

Electron Magnetic Resonance Principles

Publisher Walter de Gruyter Co
Year 01/08/2019
Edition First
Pages 464
Version paperback
Readership level General/trade
Language English
ISBN 9783110528008
Categories Light (optics), Electricity, electromagnetism & magnetism, Analytical chemistry, Spectrum analysis, spectrochemistry, mass spectrometry, Physical chemistry
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Book description

The book presents principles of electron magnetic resonance from a chemist's point-of-view, covering g-tensor theory, isotropical hyperfine structure, anisotropical hyperfine structure and fine structure of spectrum, and relaxation theory. Detailed explanations on quantitative determination of paramagnetic species are given to address readers' difficulties. Written as a physical chemistry graduate textbook, it is also suitable for industry users.

Electron Magnetic Resonance Principles

Table of contents

Table of Content:Chapter 1: IntroductionChapter 2: Theoretical basicsChapter 3: g-tensor theoryChapter 4: Isotropical hyperfine structure of spectrumChapter 5: Anisotropical hyperfine structure of spectrumChapter 6: Fine structure of spectrumChapter 7: Relaxation theory & linesharpe, linewidthsChapter 8: Quantitative determinationChapter 9: Paramagnetic species in gas phase and inorganic radicalsChapter 10: Spectra of transition metal ions and complexesAppendix 1: Expansion & elongation of EMRAppendix 2: Mathematics preparationAppendix 3: Angular momentum theory & stable state perturbation of quantum mechanicsAppendix 4: Fundamental constants & conversion factorsAppendix 5: Characteristic property of some common nuclei

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