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Design and Analysis of Connections in Steel Structures

Design and Analysis of Connections in Steel Structures

Publisher Ernst & Sohn
Year 01/08/2018
Edition First
Pages 380
Version paperback
Readership level Professional and scholarly
Language English
ISBN 9783433031223
Categories Structural engineering, Building construction & materials
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Table of contents

Preface Abbreviations Introduction 1 Structural design basic principles relative to joints in steel structures 1.1 Hinges and joints capable of resisting a bending moment 1.2 The plastic hinge 2 Basic concepts for the analysis of connections 2.1 Connection types 2.2 Outline of design and actions 2.3 Forces distribute proportionally to stiffness 2.4 Ductility 2.5 Load path 2.6 Ignorance of the path of the forces 2.7 Constraints 2.8 Methods to define the ultimate limit states in the joints 2.9 Resistance of bolts 2.10 Yield line 2.11 Eccentric connections 2.12 Economics, repetition, simplicity 2.13 Man-hours, material weight 2.14 Diffusion angles 2.16 Transfer forces 2.15 Tensioning of bolts and resistance 2.17 Behavior of a bolted joint shear 2.18 Behavior of a bolted joint in traction 3 The limit states for the components of the connection 3.1 Capacity of deformation (rotation) and relative stiffness 3.2 Inelastic deformations at the bolt hole 3.3 Bolt shear rupture 3.4 Bolt tensile rupture 3.5 Breaking bolt with a combination of tension and shear 3.6 Resistance to friction bolts 3.7 Bolt bearing and tearing 3.8 Block shear (or block tearing) 3.9 Weld rupture 3:10T-stub, with and without prying effect 3.11 Punching shear 3.12 Equivalent systems in parallel 3:13 Web panel shear 3.14 Transversal compression over web 3:15 Transversal tension over column web 3.16 Web and flange compression 3:17 Tension on beam web 3.18 Plate resistance 3.19 Notched profiles 3.20 Local capacity 3:22 Structural integrity 3.23 Ductility 3:24 Laminated plate tearing 3.25 Other states limit in connection with cold formed profiles or sheets 3.26 Fatigue 3:27 Limit states for other connected related materials 4 types and analysis with calculation examples 4.1 Common symbols 4.2 Eccentric bolted joint in the plane of contact 4.3 Eccentric bolted connection perpendicular to the contact plane gravity method 4.4 Base plate with cast anchor bolts 4.5 chemical or mechanical anchors 4.6 Fin plate 4.7 Double bolted plate 4.8 Flexible end plate 4.9 Clip angles 4:10 Truss joints 4.10.1 connecting plate 4:11 Connection leaning on a column 4:12 Rigid end plate 4:13 Splice 4.13.1 calculation model and limit states 4.13.2 rotation capacity, structural integrity, ductility 4.13.3 column splice example according to is800 4:14 Brace joints 4.14.1 american methods: ufm and

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