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Biological Reaction Engineering

Biological Reaction Engineering

Publisher VCH
Year 01/03/2021
Edition Third
Pages 560
Version paperback
Readership level College/higher education
Language English
ISBN 9783527325245
Categories Biology, life sciences, Biotechnology
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Book description

This practical book presents the modeling of dynamic biological engineering processes in a readily comprehensible manner, using the unique combination of simplified fundamental theory and direct hands-on computer simulation. The mathematics is kept to a minimum, and yet the 60 examples illustrate almost every aspect of biological engineering science, with each one described in detail, including the model equations. The programs are written in the modern user-friendly simulation language Berkeley Madonna, which can be run on both Windows PC and Power-Macintosh computers. Madonna solves models comprising many ordinary differential equations using very simple programming, including arrays. It is so powerful that the model parameters may be defined as "sliders", which allow the effect of their change on the model behavior to be seen almost immediately. Data may be included for curve fitting, and sensitivity or multiple runs may be performed. The results can be viewed simultaneously on multiple-graph windows or by using overlays. The examples can be varied to fit any real situation, and the suggested exercises provide practical guidance. The extensive teaching experience of the authors is reflected in this well-balanced presentation, which is suitable for the teacher, student, biochemist or the engineer.

Biological Reaction Engineering

Table of contents

PART I: Principles of Bioreactor Modelling MODELLING PRINCIPLES Fundamentals of Modelling Formulation and Structuring of the Problem Formulation of Balance Equations BASIC BIOREACTOR CONCEPTS Information for Bioreactor Modelling Bioreactor Operation BIOLOGICAL KINETICS Enzyme Kinetics Simple Microbial Kinetics Structured Kinetic Models BIOREACTOR MODELLING General Balances for Tank-Type Biological Reactors Modelling Tubular Plug Flow Bioreactors MASS TRANSFER Mass Transfer in Biological Reactors Interphase Gas-Liquid Mass Transfer General Oxygen Balances for Gas-Liquid Transfer DIFFUSION AND BIOLOGICAL REACTION IN IMMOBILIZED BIOCATALYST SYSTEMS External Mass Transfer Internal Diffusion and Reaction within Biocatalysts AUTOMATIC BIOPROCESS CONTROL FUNDAMENTALS Elements of Feedback Control Types of Controller Action Advanced Control Strategies Controller Tuning Concepts for Bioprocess Control BASICS OF CELL FACTORY MODELLING Modularisation of Cell Modelling (Transport, Enzymatic Reactions, Enzyme Regulation, Expression Control, ...) Compartmentation and Transport Combination of Model Elements (Kinetics, Regulation, Induction, Repression, Transport, ...) Cell Population Modelling PART II: Modelling, Dynamic Simulation Examples, and the BERKELEY MADONNA Simulation Language EXAMPLES OF MODEL SET UP Introductory Examples SIMULATION EXAMPLES OF BIOLOGICAL REACTION PROCESSES USING BERKELEY MADONNA Introductory Examples Batch Reactors Fed Batch Reactors Continuous Reactors Oxygen Uptake Systems Controlled Reactor Diffusion Systems Multi-Organism Models

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