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Beauty and the East: New Chinese Architecture

Beauty and the East: New Chinese Architecture

Publisher Gestalten
Year 2021
Pages 320
Version hardback
Language English
ISBN 9783899558722
Categories Fiction & related items
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187.30 PLN / €40.34 / £34.18
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Book description

The transformation of China in the past four decades has been nothing short of spectacular. Now a cultural and economic player on the world stage, its rise has also given air to a new generation of architects and interior designers. Once China looked to the West for references and inspiration, today an emerging movement is molding a new design expression which fuses centuries of local tradition with idealistic visions. Beauty and the East presents the Chinese talent shaping an aesthetic bound by heritage and the surrounding environment. Adopting new methods and techniques, they are pushing design possibilities and influencing the watching world. From cultural institutions to cityscapes, explore the tantalizing world of Chinese architecture and get a window into the world of tomorrow.

Beauty and the East: New Chinese Architecture

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