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Liberalism, Constitutional Nationalism, and Minorities

Liberalism, Constitutional Nationalism, and Minorities

Publisher Brill Academic Publishing
Year 01/07/2019
Edition First
Pages 682
Version hardback
Readership level Professional and scholarly
Language English
ISBN 9789004358881
Categories European history, Social issues & processes, International law
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Book description

Winner of the 2019 CEU Award for Outstanding Research The book explores the making of Romanian nation-state citizenship (1750-1918) as a series of acts of emancipation of subordinated groups (Greeks, Gypsies/Roma, Armenians, Jews, Muslims, peasants, women, and Dobrudjans). Its innovative interdisciplinary approach to citizenship in the Ottoman and post-Ottoman Balkans appeals to a diverse readership.

Liberalism, Constitutional Nationalism, and Minorities

Table of contents



List of Figures

Introduction: Liberal Citizenship: an Interdisciplinary Approach

Part 1 From the Old Regime to the Nation-State: Toward a Unified Moldo-Wallachian Citizenship, c. 1750-1858

1 The Greek "Proto-Question" and the Birth of Modern Citizenship

2 "Restoring" the Regime of Nobility Estates: Citizenship under the Organic Regulations, 1821-1858

3 The Slavery Question: Abolitionism and the Emancipation of Roma, 1831-1856

4 The Romanian Question: the Great Powers, "European Public Law" and the Union of the Principalities, 1856-1858

Part 2 Peasants into Romanians: the Construction of Romanian National Citizenship, 1859-1866

5 Emulating the Second French Empire: the State-National Citizenship Model, 1859-1866

6 Shifting to an Ethno-National Citizenship Model: the Regime of Constitutional Nationalism

Part 3 Constitutional Nationalism and Minorities, 1866-1918

7 The Jewish Question: the Exclusion of Jews from Citizenship

8 The Internationalization of the Jewish Question: Actors and Networks, 1866-1879

9 Duties without Rights: Jews under Constitutional Nationalism, 1879-1913

10 The Woman Question: Gender, Property, and Citizenship

11 The Dobrudjan Question: Constitutional Nationalism and the Assimilation of a Border Region, 1878-1914

12 Liberalism Renewed: War, Civil Society, and Emancipation, 1913-1918

13 The Language of Citizenship: Imperial Legacies, Legal-Political Concepts, and Historical Time





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