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Understanding Childhood and Adolescence

Understanding Childhood and Adolescence

Publisher Sage Publications India Pvt Ltd
Year 01/06/2020
Pages 444
Version paperback
Readership level College/higher education
ISBN 9789353882280
Categories Child & developmental psychology
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Book description

The book will serve as a helpful reference for undergraduate and post-graduate students of Psychology and Education. Understanding the nature of a child or learner, the context in which they live and grow, and building perspective on the process of development forms the basic framework for all courses in Education. This book focuses on human development and diversity as the dominant themes that cut across early, middle and late childhood, and adolescence, which in turn correspond to the pre-primary, primary, secondary and senior secondary levels of schooling. Understanding Childhood and Adolescence links existing theories in educational psychology with concerns of contemporary Indian society. It covers early childhood care and education; socio-cultural, philosophical, and psychological perspectives on childhood and adolescence; contemporary lifestyle changes affecting these life-stages; and concerns of diversity ranging from multilingualism, gender, to intelligence and development of self and identity. The textually informative chapters cover the historical trajectory and important theories of each life-stage, and raise relevant debates and issues related to each of them. Key Features: * Looks at childhood and adolescence from multiple contours such as developmental aspects, issues, trends, challenges, interface with society, its institutions and policy provisions * Traces historical evolution of the basic concepts and contextualizes these to the Indian socio-cultural milieu through examples and cases * Discusses key concepts related to compulsory foundational courses in development and diversity in all teacher education programmes * Contains mid-chapter exercises and chapter-end questions to help readers check their understanding as well as reflect on issues in teaching-learning processes

Understanding Childhood and Adolescence

Table of contents

About the Book
Basic Concepts and Ideas in Human Development and Diversity - Namita Ranganathan
Developmental Patterns in Early Childhood - Geeta Rai
Early Childhood Care and Education: Policy, Practices and Innovations - Suhasini Kanwar
Perspectives on Children and Childhood - Ravneet Kaur
Childhood in India: A Socio-Historical Trajectory - Nidhi Gulati
Rights of Children in Difficult Circumstances - Kavita Vasudev
Policy Perspectives on Protection Services for Children - Kavita Vasudev
Understanding Adolescence: Theories, Issues and Debates - Vishakha Kumar
Growing Up in a Digital World - Chandan Shrivastav
Peer Relationships in Childhood and Adolescence - Rashi Mukhopadhayay
Understanding Gender: Concepts and Ideas - Neema Chaurasiya
Understanding Diversity and Inclusion - Yukti Sharma
Defining Intelligence: From IQ to Multiple Intelligences - Charu Sharma
Addressing Gender Diversity in Children and Adolescents - Shivani Arora
Demystifying the Notions of Self and Identity - Toolika Wadhwa
Researching Children and Adolescents: Approaches and Strategies - Toolika Wadhwa
New Directions in Understanding Human Development
Essay 1: Revisiting Childhood from an Interdisciplinary Lens - Sandeep Kumar
Essay 2: Some Questions on the Discourse of Human Development - Vikas Baniwal

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