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E-Commerce in India: Economic and Legal Perspectives

E-Commerce in India: Economic and Legal Perspectives

Publisher Sage Publications India Pvt Ltd
Year 15/07/2020
Pages 328
Version hardback
Readership level College/higher education
ISBN 9789353883560
Categories E-commerce: business aspects, E-commerce law
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Book description

E -commerce is growing at an exponential rate in India. Despite this, it is still at an evolving stage as economic and regulatory frameworks pertaining to various segments of e-commerce are being put into place by the government. This book presents a comprehensive analysis of the economic and regulatory aspects of the e-commerce sector by assessing the trends and characteristics, and addressing the issues and challenges associated with it. It dwells into key issues including FDI regulations, taxation, valuation of e-commerce companies, market structure, competition, payment mechanism, blockchain and cryptocurrencies, and logistics. The issues and challenges addressed in this book frequently appear as discussion points in policy debates, research forums and popular media. However, information on these is scant and often scattered. This book bridges gaps in the available literature on e-commerce

E-Commerce in India: Economic and Legal Perspectives

Table of contents

Foreword by Manoj Pant
Introduction - Pralok Gupta
E-Commerce in India: Regulatory Framework and Emerging Issues - Pralok Gupta and Vaishali Gupta
E-Commerce Growth in India: An Economic Boon, Yet to Be Realized - Himani Aggarwal and Samridhi Jain
The E-Platform Economy: A Study of Market Structure and Implications - Zaki Hussain and Parkhi Vats
Foreign Investment in Indian E-Commerce Sector and Its Drivers - Rahul Nath Choudhury and Pravin Jadhav
Valuation of E-Commerce Companies and Their Funding Patterns - Akanksha Garg
E-Commerce Taxation: An Unsettled Agenda - Pralok Gupta, Shreyansh Singh and Sunayana Sasmal
E-Commerce Logistics: Operational Challenges and Strategic Issues - Pritam Banerjee
Changing Payment Landscape in India - Sayal Gupta and Sourav Das
Legal Issues in E-Commerce: Role and Liability of an Intermediary - Komal Kapoor
Regulating Network Effect and Market Power - Khushbu Kumari
E-Commerce and Blockchain Intertwined: Concept and the Law - Purva Mishra and Astha Dubey
Conclusion - Pralok Gupta

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