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It's Logical: Innovating Profitable Business Models

It's Logical: Innovating Profitable Business Models

Publisher Sage Publications India Pvt Ltd
Year 01/07/2020
Pages 256
Version paperback
Readership level Professional and scholarly
ISBN 9789353884017
Categories Business innovation, Management: leadership & motivation
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Book description

EXPLORE THE LOGIC, NOT MAGIC, BEHIND INNOVATION! It is a common belief that innovation and creativity lie within the purview of genius. After reading this book you will be convinced that with a relentless focus on the user, anyone can be innovative. The book is a compilation of cases/examples from the entrepreneurial and consulting experience of the protagonist, DK. DK is a unique individual who explores and interprets the world around him through his own lenses. The stories in this book are real life stories of what happened in some situations while in some others the client did not have the risk appetite for disruption and therefore didn't go with the solution provided. These stories will reveal how business model innovation can be logically achieved with the right focus and commitment to finding solutions to business problems.

It's Logical: Innovating Profitable Business Models

Table of contents

Foreword by Sudhakar Nadkarni
SECTION 1: Innovation beyond the Esoteric
Looking beyond Product Innovations
Thou Shall Create Win-Win Situations
SECTION 2: The Logic, Not Magic, Behind Innovation
Last Mile User Connect
Train Your Mind on the User
Don't Just Sell What You Make; Make What Might Sell!
Gamifying User Research
The Bull's-Eye Question
Memetics and User Psyche
Three Dimensional Ethnography
SECTION 3: Let Your Consumer Define Your Business
Hitting the Nail on the Head: What Does the User Seek from You?
SECTION 4: Decoding the Neural Networks of an Innovator
About DK
DK's Dilemma
SECTION 5: Thinking Tools for the Business Innovator
Scouring the Nooks and Crannies in the Ecosystem
A Cheat Sheet to New Product Creation
The Jigsaw: Actionable Steps for Creating Breakthroughs
Suturing: The Common Sense Behind Business Model Innovation

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