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Classical Topology And Quantum States

Classical Topology And Quantum States

Publisher World Scientific Publishing Co Pte Ltd
Year 01/05/1991
Pages 376
Version paperback
Readership level College/higher education
ISBN 9789810203306
Categories Algebraic topology, Nuclear structure physics, Quantum physics (quantum mechanics & quantum field theory), Applied physics
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Book description

This book is an introduction to the role of topology in the quantization of classical systems. It is also an introduction to topological solitons with special emphasis on Skyrmions. As regards the first aspect, several issues of current interest are dealt with at a reasonably elementary level. Examples are principal fibre bundles and their role in quantum physics, the possibility of spinorial quantum states in a Lagrangian theory based on tensorial variables, and multiply connected configuration spaces and associated quantum phenomena like the QCD q angle and exotic statistics. The ideas are also illustrated by simple examples such as the spinning particle, the charge-monopole system and strings in 3+1 dimensions. The application of these ideas to quantum gravity is another subject treated at an introductory level. An attempt has been made in this book to introduce the reader to the significance of topology for many distinct physical systems such as spinning particles, the charge- monopole system, strings, Skyrmions, QCD and gravity. The book is an outgrowth of lectures given by the authors at various institutions and conferences.

Classical Topology And Quantum States

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