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Population Change and Impacts in Asia and the Pacific

Population Change and Impacts in Asia and the Pacific

Publisher Springer Verlag, Singapore
Year 01/04/2020
Pages 358
Version hardback
Readership level Professional and scholarly
ISBN 9789811002298
Categories Regional studies, Population & demography
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Book description

This volume brings together a range of contributions that provide contemporary regional science perspectives on population change and its socio-economic consequences in the Asia-Pacific region. This region accounts for close to two-thirds of the world's population and is highly diverse in terms of key demographic indicators such as population size, growth, composition and distribution. The authors provide quantitative assessments, either descriptively or by means of modelling, of important demographic issues affecting this part of the world. The topics addressed include: broad demographic trends across the Asia-Pacific region and its sub-regions; assessment of population decline, urbanization and spatial distribution using cases from China, Colombia, Japan and Australia; migration and economic impacts in Australasia, Chile and Timor Leste; and the impacts of declining or low fertility and population ageing in China, India, Thailand, and across Asia. Given its scope, the book will appeal to all readers seeking to understand population change and impacts across the Asia-Pacific region, with a specific focus on sub-regional differences and dynamics.

Population Change and Impacts in Asia and the Pacific

Table of contents

Preface.- Part 1: Population Distribution.- Trends in population change in the Asia-Pacific region.- Impact of rapid population decline on the Japanese regional economy: Utilizing the regional CGE model.- Designing a spatial decision support system for Australia's capital city using spatial microsimulation.- City size distribution in Colombia and its regions, 1835-2005.- Micro and macro drivers of long-distance commuting in Chile: The role of spatial distribution of economic activities and population.- Part 2: Migration and Development.- Regionally targeted migration policy as an instrument for regional development: a general equilibrium assessment.- Dynamics of circulation and the size of the diaspora population: the case of trans-Tasman migration.- Winners and losers in overseas graduate migration in Australia.- The impact of immigration on the New Zealand labour market.- Population movement and regional integration in the Pacific: towards a different 'South Pacific society' in the 21st century.- Migration and regional development in East Timor.- Part 3: Population Age Composition and Impacts.- The present situation and prospect of China's ageing population.- Population ageing in India.- Evidence from Asia on fertility decline, the child deficit and the changing values of children.- Situational stressors: A preliminary analysis predicting elder abuse or neglect in Thailand.

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