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Technologies and Eco-innovation towards Sustainability I: Eco Design of Products and Services

Technologies and Eco-innovation towards Sustainability I: Eco Design of Products and Services

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Book description

This 2-volume book covers the state-of-the-art of the research and practices on eco-design. It covers the latest topics in the field: e.g. global eco-design management, big data in eco-design, social perspectives in eco-design; as well as emphasizing the developments in emerging economies such as Asian countries. Eco-design of products and product-related services are indispensable to realize the circular economy and to increase resource efficiencies of our society. Eco-design practices are necessary both in developed countries and developing countries. The book chapters are contributed by the worldwide authors, especially authors from East Asian countries, European countries, and Southeast Asian countries, and contains selected presentations at the EcoDesign2017 symposium (10th International Symposium on Environmentally Conscious Design and Inverse Manufacturing). The first volume highlights products and services, the chapters include the product life cycle design and business strategy, technologies for the future and sustainability, as well as social perspectives in eco-design.

Technologies and Eco-innovation towards Sustainability I: Eco Design of Products and Services

Table of contents

Part I: Product Life Cycle Design and Business Strategy

EcoDesign of Products and Life Cycles

e.g., Development of environmentally conscious products, Life cycle design, Evaluation and case study of EcoDesign, End-of-life strategy, Emerging packaging technology for EcoDesign

Sustainable Consumption

e.g., Social acceptance of green products and services, Environmental consumer behavior, Green marketing

Business Innovation

e.g., Green business design, green servicizing and convergence, Product service system (PSS), Service engineering, Green business diagnosis and forecast, Economic/environmental feasibility study, Eco-efficiency statistics, Low carbon Economy, Circular Economy, Sharing Economy

Part II: Technologies for the Future and Sustainability

From Big Data to Smart Data

e.g., Optimal use of IT resources, Scalable green data centers, End-to-end network efficiency, Local data aggregation

Cyber-Physical Systems

e.g., Intelligent embedded networked devices/systems, How to guide digitalization towards sustainability?

Environmental Effects of Latest Technology Trends

e.g., Self-driving cars, Energy efficient vehicles, Renewable energy, Internet of things technologies, Industry 4.0, 3D printing, Intelligent robots/machines

Part III: Social Perspectives in EcoDesign

Social Vision and Scenarios for EcoDesign

e.g., Sustainable society vision and scenario, Environmental ethics, Eco life style, Environmental education, Human aspects in environmental management, Social impact of emerging technologies, Green innovation strategy, CSR, SDGs(Sustainable Development Goals)

Sustainable Social Infrastructure Systems

e.g., Smart city, Green city, Green building, Green ICT, Energy efficient data center, Smart grid, Sensor-network for environmental monitoring system, Intelligent transportation systems, Advanced storage battery technology, Photovoltaic technology in transportation road

Global Issues in EcoDesign

e.g., Region-and country-specific issues, Transnational end-of-life product flow, Informal recycling in developing countries, Global reverse logistics, Resource depletion problem, COP 21(Paris Agreement)

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