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School Mathematics Textbooks In China: Comparative Studies And Beyond

School Mathematics Textbooks In China: Comparative Studies And Beyond

Publisher World Scientific Publishing Co Pte Ltd
Year 09/02/2021
Pages 592
Version paperback
Readership level College/higher education
ISBN 9789814713948
Categories Teaching of a specific subject, Educational: Mathematics & numeracy
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Book description

Our collected work contains mathematics education research papers. Comparative studies of school textbooks cover content selection, compilation style, representation method, design of examples and exercises, mathematics investigation, the use of information technology, and composite difficulty level, to name a few. Other papers included are about representation of basic mathematical thought in school textbooks, a study on the compilation features of elementary school textbooks, and a survey of the effect of using new elementary school textbooks.

School Mathematics Textbooks In China: Comparative Studies And Beyond

Table of contents

Core Knowledge Selection and Textbook Design for High School Mathematics (Jianyue Zhang, Dan Zhou, Rong Wang and Lili Song); Comparison of the Content Covering and Compiling Features of Complex Numbers in Textbooks of China, Japan, and Singapore (Yuelan Chen and Jun Xie); Comparative Study on the Organization and Presentation of Geometry Content in Textbooks of China and Germany (Ye Lijun); Comparative Study on Binomial Distribution Content in High School Mathematics Textbooks (Jun Li, Jing Cheng, Tingting An and Dan Zhou); Comparative Study on Calculus in High School Mathematics Textbooks (Xiaoping Zhao, Guangxiang Zhang, Ming Ni, Hua Huang, Hua Wang, Zhengwu Long, Xuefeng Gao and Jiao Liu); International Comparison of the Mathematical Inquiry Content in High School Textbooks (Binyan Xu); International Comparison of the Difficulty Levels of Examples in High School Mathematics Textbooks (Jianpan Wang and Jiansheng Bao); A Comparative Study on Example and Exercise Design in High School Mathematics Textbooks (Guanghua Shao, Ping Lu, Jianping Wang and Weili Lu); International Comparison of the Application of Information Technology in High School Mathematics Textbooks (Chao Zhou); Comparative Study on Exercises in Junior High School Mathematics Textbooks (Yiming Cao and Libao Wu); Survey and Analysis on the Usage of the Current Primary School Mathematics Textbooks (Qiping Kong, Yeqing Liu and Li Yang); The Writing Features of Primary School Mathematics Textbooks (Naiqing Song, Yunming Song, Qiu Jiang, Lizhen Luo and Qingyou Cai); On the Representations of Mathematical Thought in Mathematics Textbooks (Fanzhe Kong and Jiali Yan); Historical Content in American Mathematical Textbooks at the Turn of the 20th Century (Xiaoqin Wang); Competition Mathematics as a Complement and Enhancement for In-Class Instruction (Bin Xiong and Yijie He);

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