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Against Anti-Semitism

Against Anti-Semitism

Wydawnictwo Oxford University Press
Data wydania 01/02/2017
Wydanie Pierwsze
Liczba stron 424
Forma publikacji książka w twardej oprawie
Poziom zaawansowania Dla szkół wyższych i kształcenia podyplomowego
Język angielski
ISBN 9780190624514
Kategorie Historia Europy, Historia XX w: lata 1900 do 2000, Holokaust, Studia judaistyczne
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Anti-Semitism in Poland has always been a deeply problematic subject. In the years since the Holocaust, much has been written about the willingness of Poles to collaborate with the Nazis, willingly handing over Polish Jews and often profiting from it in the process. Such assertions have led to a widespread and ongoing stereotype that Poles are a deeply, inherently anti-Semitic people. In fact, Adam Michnik argues, while there are certainly anti-Semites among Poles, resistance to anti-Semitism is deeply rooted in the culture. The essays he has gathered in this unique and important anthology-with contributions by a who's who of Polish writers and intellectuals across the decades-both testify to and elaborate on that premise. Michnik offers an overview of the subject, in which lays out the four myths he argues continue to circulate in Polish thought: that in the eastern territories occupied by the USSR between 1939 and 1941, many Jews collaborated with the occupying authorities; that Jews were only delivered into German hands by Polish criminals; that after 1945 Jews formed the core of the Department of Security and therefore bear the blame for the suffering of the Home Army soldiers in communist Poland; and fourth, that anti-Semitism in Poland today is so marginal as to be almost exotic. A prologue by poet Czes?aw Mi?osz, winner of the Nobel Prize for literature, focuses on the first third of the 20th century, the period of crisis before the outbreak of World War II. The essays that follow, including works by, among other leading figures, Maria D?browska, Leszek Ko?akowski, and Jan B?o?ski, include writings from the years leading up to World War II, and draw from periodical and newspaper articles in addition to scholarly essays across the twentieth century. Collectively, the works by these writers put Polish anti-Semitism in context and in the process reflect upon the full story of Polish history in the 20th century. A collectively significant and seminal work of simply outstanding scholarship, Against Anti-Semitism: An Anthology of Twentieth-Century Polish Writings is a critically important and unreservedly recommended addition to both community and academic library collections. * The Midwest Book Review *

Against Anti-Semitism

Spis treści

Introduction: Poland and Anti-Semitism
Adam Michnik and Agnieszka Marczyk

I. Prologue: 1900-1936

Jews - the 1920s
Czeslaw Milosz

II. 1936-1939: The Mustard Gas of Racism

The Przytyk Market Stands
Ksawery Pruszynski

Annual Shame
Maria Dabrowska

III. 1939-1945: On Both Sides of The Wall

Jews and Polish Commerce
Kazimierz Wyka

We, Polish Jews
Julian Tuwim

The Orchestration of Rage
Michal M. Borwicz

IV. 1945-1947: The Power of Ignorance

The Power of Ignorance
Mieczyslaw Jastrun

The Problem of Polish Anti-Semitism
Jerzy Andrzejewski

With Kielce in the Background
Stanislaw Ossowski

Our Part (A Pessimist's Voice)
Witold Kula

V. 1956-1957: The Anti-Semitism of Kind and Gentle People

Anti-Semites: Five Familiar Theses and a Warning
Leszek Kolakowski

From National Democrats to Stalinists
Konstanty A. Jelenski

Jerzy Turowicz

The Anti-Semitism of Kind and Gentle People
Tadeusz Mazowiecki

VI. 1967-1969: Expulsion from Poland

March 1968 and the So-Called Jewish Question in Poland after World War II
Krystyna Kersten

VII. 1970-1989: The Poor Poles Look At The Ghetto

Jews as a Polish Problem
Aleksander Smolar

The Poor Poles Look at the Ghetto
Jan Blonski

VIII. After 1989: Toward Description and Diagnosis

Polish-Jewish Relations 30 Years after the Publication of the "Nostra Aetate" Conciliar Declaration
Rev. Archbishop Henryk Muszynski

The Disgrace of Indifference
Hanna Swida-Ziemba

The Holocaust
Maria Janion

IX. 2001-2009: Against the Conformity of Silence

The Burning Barn and I
Waldemar Kuczynski

Jerzy Jedlicki

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