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IB Biology Print and Online Course Book Pack: 2014 Edition

IB Biology Print and Online Course Book Pack: 2014 Edition

Wydawnictwo Oxford University Press
Data wydania 01/05/2014
Wydanie Pierwsze
Liczba stron 728
Forma publikacji zestaw
Poziom zaawansowania Do szkoleń zawodowych, hobbystycznych i naukowych
Język angielski
ISBN 9780198307747
Kategorie Biologia, Edukacja: biologia
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Opis książki

The most comprehensive coverage of the 2014 syllabus, this resource pack includes a print and online Biology Course Book, for fully flexible learning. Giving you unparalleled support for the new concept-based approach to learning, the Nature of science, understanding, applications and skills are integrated in every topic, alongside TOK to drive inquiry and independent learning. Assessment support directly from the IB includes practice questions and worked examples in each topic, along with focused support for both the Internal Assessment and Extended Essay. Truly aligned with the IB philosophy, this Course Book gives unrivalled insight and support at every stage. Accurately cover the new syllabus - the most comprehensive match, with support directly from the IB on the core, AHL and all the options Fully integrate the new concept-based approach, holistically addressing understanding, applications, skills and the Nature of science Tangibly build assessment confidence with assessment support straight from the IB Build confidence - data-based questions and focused practice support exceptional achievement Written by co-authors of the new syllabus and leading IB workshop leaders Supported by a fully comprehensive and updated Study Guide and Oxford Kerboodle Online Resources This pack includes one print Course Book and one online Course Book. The online Course Book will be available on Oxford Education Bookshelf until 2022. Access is facilitated via a unique code, which is sent in the mail. The code must be linked to an email address, creating a user account. Access may be transferred once to an additional user.

IB Biology Print and Online Course Book Pack: 2014 Edition

Spis treści

Cell Biology ; Molecular Biology ; Genetics ; Ecology ; Evolution and biodiversity ; Human physiology ; Nucleic acids (AHL) ; Metabolism, cell respiration and photosynthesis (AHL) ; Plant biology (AHL) ; Genetics and evolution (AHL) ; Animal physiology (AHL) ; Option A: Neurobiology and behaviour ; Option B: Biotechnology and Bioinformatics ; Option C: Ecology and conservation ; Option D: Human physiology

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