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Around The World in 80 Ways

Around The World in 80 Ways

Wydawnictwo Dorling Kindersley Publishers
Data wydania 01/02/2019
Wydanie Pierwsze
Liczba stron 48
Forma publikacji książka w twardej oprawie
Poziom zaawansowania Dla dzieci
Język angielski
ISBN 9780241341605
Kategorie Historia i przeszłość - zagadnienia ogólne (dzieci i młodzież), Transport (dzieci i młodzież), Edukacja: Geografia
51.00 PLN (z VAT)
$13.19 / €11.14 / £10.08 /
Produkt dostępny
Dostawa 2 dni
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A fascinating and engaging picture book exploring 80 exciting ways to travel, both past and present - from the obvious, to the crazy! Travel around the world by yacht, tram, train, unicycle, jetpack, camel... any way you can imagine, in this non-fiction children's book. Every mode of transport is part of a charming scene. See how astronauts travel around space, watch surfers ride the waves at the beach, and race to an emergency with the firefighters. Illustrator Katy Halford's beautiful drawings brings the scenes to life and fun complementary facts will prompt discussion and laughter between readers. How would you choose to travel? Donkey, pedalo, moon buggy? From the small to the big, the familiar to obscure, take your pick from the amazing 80 shown in DK's Around the Way in 80 Ways! All my children enjoyed the colourful, lively illustrations and interesting descriptions -- Parent with children ages 11, 9 and 7 * Toppsta * Great fun book, well laid out with fun illustrations... Easy for my daughter to read alone but fun for us to explore together -- Parent with child age 6 * Toppsta * I love all the different pictures and the funny ways you would never usually think about to travel -- Parent with child age 4 * Toppsta * The colourful drawings are hugely appealing for any age from Reception class upwards; I could spend hours looking at the details... a first class, highly informative book which I recommend for any home or school library -- Adult * Toppsta * This book is fabulous in many ways... The hardback format gives the book a great superior quality, a book that will last for many years to come -- Parent with children ages 8, 6 and 4 * Toppsta * Great for exploring transportation and habitat topics especially for when discussing adaptation to traverse the environment -- Parent with children ages 5 and 2 * Toppsta * We have learned so much from this book about various modes of transport...an interesting read with great illustrations. * Creative Steps * Packed with entertaining details and appealing characters * Parents in Touch *

Around The World in 80 Ways

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