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Wydawcy udostępniają darmowe zasoby na czas epidemii

Words Are Weapons

Words Are Weapons

Wydawnictwo Yale University Press
Data wydania 01/10/2017
Wydanie Pierwsze
Liczba stron 248
Forma publikacji książka w twardej oprawie
Poziom zaawansowania Literatura popularna
Język angielski
ISBN 9780300223224
Kategorie Historia Europy Środkowej, Historia XXI w: od roku 2000
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The first book to offer a rigorous, sophisticated analysis of ISIS's rhetoric and why it is so persuasive ISIS wages war not only on the battlefield but also online and in the media. Through a close examination of the words and images ISIS uses, with particular attention to the "digital caliphate" on the web, Philippe-Joseph Salazar theorizes an aesthetic of ISIS and its self-presentation. As a philosopher and historian of ideas, well versed in both the Western and the Islamic traditions, Salazar posits an interpretation of Islam that places speech-the profession of faith-at the center of devotion and argues that evocation of the simple yet profound utterance of faith is what gives power to the rhetoric that ISIS and others employ. At the same time, Salazar contends that Western discourse has undergone a "rhetorical disarmament." To win the fight against ISIS and Islamic extremism, Western democracies, their media, politicians, and counterterrorism agencies must consider radically changing their approach to Islamic extremism. "Words Are Weapons is an exemplar of rhetoric's power to capture minds and incapacitate civilization. Its many-layered analysis of ISIS's thuggish rhetoric offers no paeans to Western reason as its antidote. Instead, it explores the full palate of the Caliphate's rhetorical power to mobilize an aesthetic of populist virility and strength that promises conquest of moral injustice committed by apostates against Islam. At a time when there is blowback to calling out nasty rhetoric for what it is, Salazar's expose of Western failure to match ISIS's appeal offers a cautionary tale for the consequences of mincing words."-Gerard A. Hauser, Arts & Sciences Professor Emeritus of Distinction, University of Colorado Boulder "Words Are Weapons illuminates the Caliphate's rhetorical power, showing us Westerners all the ways we do not understand, let alone appreciate, the persuasive oratory of jihadism. We fail to understand the logical-rhetorical-poetic continuum of spoken power, the singular focus on obedience, and the analogical reasoning that leads to deadly judgment. Philippe-Joseph Salazar brilliantly explicates the deeply religious roots of the Islamic State and why worldly Westerners are the targets of terrorism. He then moves into cogent directives for how we might best confront, even overpower, the Caliphate. A significant work of rhetorical scholarship, Words Are Weapons is highly readable and well timed."-Cheryl Glenn, University Distinguished Professor, Penn State University "Salazar decla

Words Are Weapons

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