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Veterinary Surgery: Small Animal Expert Consult

Veterinary Surgery: Small Animal Expert Consult

Wydawnictwo W.B. Saunders Company
Data wydania 01/06/2017
Wydanie Drugie
Liczba stron 2600
Forma publikacji książka w twardej oprawie
Poziom zaawansowania Dla profesjonalistów, specjalistów i badaczy naukowych
Język angielski
ISBN 9780323320658
Kategorie Medycyna weterynaryjna małych zwierząt
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$255.44 / €220.83 / £194.24 /
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Focus on the "how" and "why" of medical/surgical conditions - the critical issues that lead to successful outcomes for your patients - with Veterinary Surgery: Small Animal Expert Consult, 2nd Edition. Expert Consult website offers access to the entire text online, plus references linked to original abstracts on PubMed. Comprehensive coverage?includes surgical biology, surgical methods and perioperative care, neurosurgery, and orthopedics in Volume One, and all soft tissue surgery organized by body system in Volume Two. Extensive references to published studies?available on Expert Consult show the factual basis for the material. Strong blend of clinical and basic science information?facilitates a clear understanding of clinical issues surrounding operative situations. Highly recognized contributing authors create chapters from their own experience and knowledge base, providing the most authoritative, current information available. Coverage of anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology in chapters on specific organs?includes information critical to operative procedures and patient management. In-depth chapters on anesthesia, surgical oncology, tumors of the spine, and musculoskeletal neoplasia provide valuable resources for practicing surgeons, especially in the area of cancer treatment. Preoperative considerations and surgical implications for surgical procedures help surgeons make decisions about treatment approaches. NEW and UPDATED! Expert Consult website with print text plus complete online access to the book's contents, so you can use it anytime - anywhere. EXPANDED! Coverage of interventional radiology techniques in Volume Two (soft tissue volume) to provide cutting-edge information on contemporary imaging modalities that gain access to different structures of the patient's body for diagnostic and therapeutic reasons. NEW and UPDATED! Expanded coverage of coaptation devices and small animal prosthetics clearly explains how they are used in a variety of clinical situations. EXPANDED! Principles of minimally invasive plate treatment added to Volume One (orthopedic volume) to show how these advancements maximize healing and protect the patient while meeting the surgeon's goals in using fracture fixation.

Veterinary Surgery: Small Animal Expert Consult

Spis treści

VOLUME ONE Section I: Surgical Biology 1. Inflammatory Response 2. Molecular and Cellular Biology: Genomics 3. Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine 4. Platelet Rich Plasma and Autologous Conditioned Sera 5. Fluid Therapy 6. Shock 7. Bleeding and Hemostasis 8. Metabolism and Nutritional Needs of Surgical Patients 9. Wound Healing 10. Wound Infections and Antimicrobial Use

Section II: Surgical Methods and Perioperative Care 11. Sterilization 12. Instrumentation 13. The Operating Room 14. Monitoring for Surgical Infection 15. Principles and Use of Energy Sources in Small Animal Surgery: Electrosurgery and Laser Applications 16. Suture Material, Tissue Staplers, Ligation Devices, and Closure Methods 17. Instrument and Tissue Handling Techniques 18. Surgical Hemostasis 19. Bandages and Drains 20. Biopsy General Principles 21. Anesthesia Principles and Monitoring 22. Anesthetic Practice for Existing Conditions 23. Fundamentals of Interventional Radiology and Interventional Endoscopy 24. Fundamentals of Laparoscopy and Thoracoscopy 25. Introduction to Oncologic Surgery for the General Surgeon

Section III: Neurosurgery 26. Neurologic Examination and Neuroanatomic Diagnosis 27. Neurodiagnostics 28. Imaging of the Neurologic System 29. Pathogenesis and Physiology of Central Nervous System Disease and Injury 30. Medical Conditions of the Vertebral Column and Spinal Cord 31. Cervical Vertebral Column and Spinal Cord 32. Thoracolumbar Vertebral Column 33. Degenerative Lumbosacral Stenosis 34. Vertebral Fractures, Luxations, and Subluxations 35. Cranial Surgery 36. Anesthesia for Intracranial Surgery 37. Neoplasms of the Vertebrae and Spinal Cord

Section IV: Musculoskeletal System 38. Tissues of the Musculoskeletal System 39. Bone Biomechanics and Fracture Biology 40. Open Fractures 41. Internal Fracture Fixation 42. External Skeletal Fixation 43. Overview of Minimally Invasive Osteosynthesis Principles 44. Bandaging, External Coaptation, and External Devices for Companion Animals 45. Delayed Unions, Nonunions, and Malunions 46. Principles of Angular Limb Deformity Correction 47. Osteomyelitis and Implant-Associated Infections 48. Bone Grafts and Substitutes 49. Scapula Fractures 50. The Shoulder 51. Fractures of the Humerus 52. Surgical Diseases of the Elbow 53. Total Elbow Replacement in Dogs 54. Radius and Ulna 55. Carpus, Metacarpus, and Digits 56. Fractures of the Pelvis 57. Hip Luxation 58. Pathogenesis, Diagnosis, and Control of Canine Hip Dysplasia 59. Surgical Management of Hip Dysplasia 60. Fractures of the Fe

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