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A History of Modern Britain

A History of Modern Britain

Wydawnictwo Pan Macmillan
Data wydania 06/03/2009
Liczba stron 672
Forma publikacji książka w miękkiej oprawie
Poziom zaawansowania Literatura popularna
ISBN 9780330511476
Kategorie Historia Wielkiej Brytanii i Irlandii, Historia powojenna XX w., od 1945 do 2000
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A History of Modern Britain by Andrew Marr confronts head-on the victory of shopping over politics. It tells the story of how the great political visions of New Jerusalem or a second Elizabethan Age, rival idealisms, came to be defeated by a culture of consumerism, celebrity and self-gratification. In each decade, political leaders think they know what they are doing, but find themselves confounded. Every time, the British people turn out to be stroppier and harder to herd than predicted. Throughout, Britain is a country on the edge - first of invasion, then of bankruptcy, then on the vulnerable front line of the Cold War and later in the forefront of the great opening up of capital and migration now reshaping the world. This history follows all the political and economic stories, but deals too with comedy, cars, the war against homosexuals, Sixties anarchists, oil-men and punks, Margaret Thatcher's wonderful good luck, political lies and the true heroes of British theatre.

A History of Modern Britain

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Introduction - i: Introduction to the Paperback Edition
Section - ii: Prologue

Unit - 1: Part One - Hunger and Pride: Britain After The War
Unit - 2: Part Two - The Land of Lost Content
Unit - 3: Part Three - Harold, Ted and Jim: When The Modern Failed
Unit - 4: Part Four - The British Revolution
Unit - 5: Part Five - Nippy Metro People: Britain From 1990
Unit - 6: Part Six - From Gordon To Teresa: The Defeat Of Britain's Liberal Pro-European Consensus

Acknowledgements - iii: Acknowledgements
Section - iv: Notes
Index - v: Index

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