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Real Mosquitoes Don't Eat Meat

Real Mosquitoes Don't Eat Meat

Wydawnictwo W.W. Norton & Company
Data wydania 01/01/2006
Liczba stron 184
Forma publikacji książka w miękkiej oprawie
Poziom zaawansowania Literatura popularna
Język angielski
ISBN 9780393061574
Kategorie Nauka ekologiczna, biosfera
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$11.34 / €10.81 / £9.38 /
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Dostawa 2 dni
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Where does the white go when the snow melts? What's the maximum number of people the earth can hold? These and many other quirky questions about the natural world are answered in this all-new collection from Outside magazine's wildly popular "Wild File" columna space where readers' questions about natural science and outdoor lore are answered with the help of scientists, expert outdoorsmen, and professors.

Both fun and thorough, these essays probe the curiosities that we never even knew we wanted to know, such as: Why can't bats fly straight? What are sea legs? Why don't woodpeckers get headaches? To answer these and many more questions, the author tracks down and interviews the experts behind each question posed: authorities in camelid biology, elephant psychology, leech behavior, ball lightening, and the biochemistry of "gamy" meat, to name a few.

Real Mosquitoes Don't Eat Meat

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