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The Routledge Companion to Philanthropy

The Routledge Companion to Philanthropy

Wydawnictwo Taylor & Francis Ltd
Data wydania 12/05/2016
Liczba stron 552
Forma publikacji książka w twardej oprawie
Poziom zaawansowania Dla szkół wyższych i kształcenia podyplomowego
ISBN 9780415783255
Kategorie Działalność charytatywna, woluntariat i filantropia, Sprzedaż i marketing, Organizacje niedochodowe
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Opis książki

Philanthropy - the use of private resources for public purposes - is undergoing a transformation, both in practice and as an emerging field of study. Expectations of what philanthropy can achieve have risen significantly in recent years, reflecting a substantial, but uneven, increase in global wealth and the rolling back of state services in anticipation that philanthropy will fill the void. In addition to this, experiments with entrepreneurial and venture philanthropy are producing novel intersections of the public, non-profit and private spheres, accompanied by new kinds of partnerships and hybrid organisational forms. The Routledge Companion to Philanthropy examines these changes and other challenges that philanthropists and philanthropic organisations face. With contributions from an international team of leading contemporary thinkers on philanthropy, this Companion provides an introduction to, and critical exploration of, philanthropy; discussing current theories, research and the diverse professional practices within the field from a variety of disciplinary perspectives. The Routledge Companion to Philanthropy is a rich and valuable resource for students, researchers, practitioners and policymakers working in or interested in philanthropy.

The Routledge Companion to Philanthropy

Spis treści

Part I: Setting the Scene Foreword (Helmut Anheier) 1. Introduction: A New 'New' Philanthropy: From Impetus to Impact (Susan D. Phillips and Tobias Jung) Part II: The Roots of and Impulses for Philanthropy Vignette: (G)Local Philanthropy: Local Ideas, Global Potential - the Shorefast Foundation (Natalie Slawinski) 2. The Multi-layered History of Western Philanthropy (Hugh Cunningham) 3. Approaching Philanthropy from a Social Theory Perspective (Frank Adloff) 4. What Motivates People to Give their Own Private Resources for the Public Good? (Cathy Pharoah) 5. Women and Philanthropy (Debra Mesch and Andrea Pactor) 6. Charity Communications: Shaping Donor Perceptions and Giving (Sally Hibbert) Part III: The Geographies and Scales of Philanthropy Vignette: Philanthropy in India (Emily Jansons and Femida Handy) 7. Regional Differences in Philanthropy (Rene Bekkers) 8. Philanthropy at the Community Level: Supporting Community Empowerment (Michael D. Layton) 9. Indigenous Philanthropy: Challenging Western Preconceptions (Shauna Mottiar and Mvuselelo Ngcoya) 10. The Globalization of Philanthropy: Trends and Channels of Giving (Hillel Schmid and Hanna Shaul Bar Nissim) 11. The Role of Philanthropy in Disaster Relief (Naim Kapucu) Part IV: The Intersections of Philanthropy and Public Policy Vignette: Muddy Waters - Difficulties in the relationship between philanthropy, the private and the public sectors (Diana Leat) 12. The Evolving State Relationship: Implications of 'Big Societies' and Shrinking States (John Healy and Gemma Donnelly-Cox) 13. Public Policy for Philanthropy: Catching the Wave or Creating a Backwater? (Susan D. Phillips and Steven Rathgeb Smith) 14. Minding the Pennies: Global Trends in the Regulation of Charitable Fundraising (Oonagh Breen) 15. The Fiscal Treatment of Philanthropy from a Comparative Perspective (Calum M. Carmichael) 16. Philanthropy in Asia: Evolving Public Policy (Mark Sidel) 17. The Darker Side of Philanthropy: How Self-Interest and Incompetence Can Overcome a Love of Mankind and the Public Interest (David Horton Smith with Sharon Eng and Kelly Albertson) Part V: The Institutions and Expressions of Philanthropy Vignette: Philanthropy as Boundary Spanning - Reaching In and Out for a Qatar-based Charity (Aisha Faleh Al Thani) 18. Private and Family Foundations (Diana Leat) 19. Community Foundations: Agility in the Duality of Foundation and Community (Jenny Harrow, Tobias Jung and Susan D. Phillips) 20. Hybridity and Philanthropy: Implications for Policy and Practice (Steven Rathgeb Smith) 21. Entrepreneurial Philanthropy (Jillian Gordon, Charles Harvey, Eleanor Shaw and Mairi Maclean) 22. Venture Philanthropy: When Philanthropy Meets Social Entrepreneurship (Jacques Defourny, Marthe Nyssens and Severine Thys) 23. Financialization of Philanthropy: The Case of Social Investment (Ekkehard Thumler) 24. The Contested Terrain of Corporate Philanthropy and Social Responsibility: Theories, Approaches and Challenges (Michael Moran and Elizabeth Branigan) Part VI: The Management of Philanthropy Vignette: Parents and Children Together: Using Social Return on Investment (SROI) to Move from Story-Telling to Strategic Change and Greater Impact (Jim Clifford) 25. Good Governance in Philanthropy and Nonprofits (Elena Romero-Merino and Inigo Garcia) 26. Achieving Philanthropic Mission: Directing and Managing Grantmaking (Peter Grant) 27. The Current Landscape of Fundraising Practice (Richard D. Waters) 28. Wiring a New Social Economy: Reflections on Philanthropy in the Digital Age (Lucy Bernholz) 29. Building the Market for Impact (Tessa Hebb with Sean MacKinnon) 30. Measuring Impact and Recognizing Success (Georg von Schnurbein) 31. Accountability in 4-D: Changing Approaches in Contemporary Philanthropy (Jenny Harrow) Part VII: Conclusion: The Future for Philanthropy Research and Practice Vignette: Reflections from a Life as a Philanthropist (Putnam Barber) Concluding Thoughts: the 'Ubers' of Philanthropy and Future Disruptions (Susan D. Phillips and Tobias Jung)

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