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Willie's Way 6 Secrets for Wooing Wowing

Willie's Way 6 Secrets for Wooing Wowing

Wydawnictwo John Wiley & Sons
Data wydania 01/09/2005
Liczba stron 208
Forma publikacji książka w twardej oprawie
Poziom zaawansowania Dla profesjonalistów, specjalistów i badaczy naukowych
Język angielski
ISBN 9780471748076
Kategorie Sprzedaż i marketing, Obsługa klienta
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""Willie's Way" is a fascinating compilation of real-life customer service stories that actually make a difference. It's about building your brand one customer at a time. Read how enthusiasm, confidence, and sincerity can impact your customers, grow revenues, and impact your bottom line. This is the best book I've read on customer service in a long time." - Joe Scarlett Chairman of the Board Tractor Supply Company."Wow! Willie's Way" is simply infectious. Every reader is sure to find the six secrets to be very practical. In fact, they leave us without excuse. Without a doubt, "Willie's Way" has the power to transform an organization from one delivering mediocre customer service to one performing at the top." - Chris Strippelhoff Vice President-Member Services Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia. "Van Hooser absolutely hit the bull's-eye with an outstanding instruction manual about the keys to extraordinary customer service. I have no doubt that companies and customer service professionals across virtually every industry will find value and fresh new insights in the pages of this brilliantly written gem." - Richard G.Kelley Director of Sales Training, North America Axcan Pharma, Inc.

Willie's Way 6 Secrets for Wooing Wowing

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Acknowledgments.Introduction: Make the Ordinary Extraordinary.Secret #1: Acknowledge Your Customers Immediately.What Is a Customer?Opportunities Lost.The Game of Service Is the Game of Business.HeaAA'll Know My Name.Putting It into Practice.Secret #2: Redefine Your Routine Activities.A Finishing School for Motorcycle Cops.A Service Pro at Work in Terminal A.The 999 Drill.Putting It into Practice.Secret #3: Give Customers Your Undivided Attention.Hey! Welcome to CiciaAA's!We Escort Our Guests.A Sign of the Times.ItaAA's SimpleaAA"Service Sells.Putting It into Practice.Secret #4: Listen, Think, and Use Common Sense.I Prefer Peach Yogurt.Service Is Spelled S-A-Z-E-R-A-C.When Is a Greeter Not Just a Greeter?Service Is Common Sense.Putting It into Practice.Secret #5: Bend the Rules, Sometimes.Take a Minute to Think.He Will if He Really Wants to Sell Me Something.I Guess This Is My Lucky Day.Putting It into Practice.Secret #6: Make the Last Few Seconds Count.You DonaAA't Expect Us to Give Our Services Away, Do You?They Try Harder ... and It Pays.Well, IaAA'll Be Doggone.Making Friends by Serving Friends.Putting It into Practice.Conclusion: The Magic of Service Professionalism.When Magic IsnaAA't Magic After All.Magic Defined.Mythical Customer Service.It CanaAA't Get aAA MulchaAA Worse than That.Experiencing a Magical Moment.About the Author.Service Professionalism in Action.Other Books by Phillip Van Hooser.More Information Available.

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