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Dart and Dive across the Reef: Life in the world's busiest oceans

Dart and Dive across the Reef: Life in the world's busiest oceans

Wydawnictwo Thames & Hudson Ltd
Data wydania 05/08/2021
Liczba stron 56
Forma publikacji książka w twardej oprawie
Poziom zaawansowania Dla dzieci
ISBN 9780500652312
Kategorie Dzika przyroda (dzieci i młodzież)
71.20 PLN (z VAT)
$19.37 / €15.88 / £13.64 /
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The latest title in Vassiliki Tzomaka's graphically illustrated 'Extreme Environments' series takes young readers on a journey through the world's reefs to discover the remarkable diversity of life they contain. Through a series of detailed landscape scenes, it demonstrates the degree to which flora and fauna depend on each other for survival, and the unique tactics the fish and marine life use to protect themselves. Focus spreads zoom in on specific species that are especially unusual, clever, or at risk, while infographic illustrations help to quantify the many dangers faced by creatures that inhabit the reefs. By taking a scientific approach to illustrated non-fiction, it raises awareness of the marine environment in a way that makes nature fascinating, engaging and deeply impressive to young children.

Dart and Dive across the Reef: Life in the world's busiest oceans

Spis treści

What is a reef?
Great Barrier Reef
Solomon Island Reefs
Night-time on the reef
Hawksbill turtle
Raja Ampat Islands
Apo Reef
Galapagos Islands
Cocos Island National Park
Reef babies
The slender seahorse
Aleutian Islands
Cold water fish
Rost Reef
The Great Blue Hole
Reef invertebrates
Reef fish
Red Sea Reefs
Symbiosis on the reef
The orange anemone fish
Comoros Islands
Atolls of the Maldives
Deadly creatures
Defence mechanisms
Noise on the reef
Ningaloo Reef
Reefs at risk
Saving the seas

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