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Principles and Practice of Surgery 6e

Principles and Practice of Surgery 6e

Wydawnictwo Elsevier Science Publishers
Data wydania 01/05/2012
Wydanie 6
Liczba stron 520
Forma publikacji zestaw
Poziom zaawansowania Dla szkół wyższych i kształcenia podyplomowego
Język angielski
ISBN 9780702043161
Kategorie Chirurgia ogólna
Zastępuje 9780443101571
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$64.94 / €57.95 / £51.88 /
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Dostawa 2 dni
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Opis książki

"Principles and Practice of Surgery" is the surgical companion textbook to the international medical bestseller "Davidson's Principles and Practice of Medicine". It is a comprehensive textbook for both the surgical student and trainee, guiding the reader through key core surgical topics which are encountered throughout an integrated medical curriculum as well as in subsequent clinical practice. Although sharing the same format and style as "Davidson's Principles and Practice of Medicine", this text is complete in itself, thus enabling the student to appreciate both the medical and surgical implications of diseases encountered in surgical wards. "Principles and Practice of Surgery (6th edition) is a concise yet comprehensive source of general surgery aimed at the medical student who is seeking more than just the "generic knowledge" required as well as the junior surgical trainee who wants to consolidate their knowledge base. The sound and up-to-date structure of this edition, with each chapter written by an expert in the field, offers a nicely readable, beautifully illustrated reference. What is particularly appealing are the EBM (Evidence Base Medicine) boxes, which provide the reader with the much needed information in a bullet point format to compliment the text. This feature does not interfere with its readability; an almost unavoidable inconvenience that exists in medical literature." British Journal of Surgery, October 2012

Principles and Practice of Surgery 6e

Spis treści

Section 1 Principles of perioperative care. 1 Metabolic response to injury, fluid and electrolyte balance and shock 2 Transfusion of blood components and plasma product 3 Nutritional support in surgical patients 4 Infections and antibiotics 5 Ethics, pre-operative considerations, anaesthesia and analgesia 6 Principles of the surgical management of cancer 7 Trauma and multiple injury 8 Practical procedures and patient investigation 9 Post-operative care and complications 10 Day surgery Section 2 Gastrointestinal surgery. 11 The abdominal wall and hernia 12 The acute abdomen and intestinal obstruction 13 The oesophagus, stomach and duodenum 14 The liver and biliary tract 15 The pancreas and spleen 16 The small and large intestine 17 The anorectum Section 3 Surgical specialties. 18 Plastic and reconstructive surgery 19 The breast 20 Endocrine surgery 21 Vascular and endovascular surgery 22 Cardiothoracic surgery 23 Urological surgery 24 Neurosurgery 25 Transplantation surgery 26 Ear, nose and throat surgery 27 Orthopaedic surgery

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