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Archaeology Hotspot Italy

Archaeology Hotspot Italy

Wydawnictwo Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group
Data wydania 27/03/2020
Forma publikacji eBook: Reflowable eTextbook (ePub)
Język angielski
ISBN 9780759124189
Kategorie Humanistyka, Archeologia, Podróże i urlop, Urlopy przygodowe
licencja wieczysta
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A full-color guide to Italy's archeology and treasures. Archaeology Hotspot Italy presents a comprehensive overview of the Italian archaeology. The main archaeological epochs – from Paleolithic to the Middle Ages – and sites and the discoveries made in the last twenty years, as well as past and present great archaeologists are thoroughly explored. Archaeology Hotspot Italy gives also insights into the way in which archaeology is practiced today, dealing with controversies over interpretation of the past connected to different theoretical approaches and present-day social and political contingencies. One of the aims of Archaeology Hotspot Italy is to give to the reader the idea that archaeology is by no means a static discipline, and that our knowledge of the past is continuously challenged by new discoveries and new approaches as well as by national and international heritage politics. It can be read either while staying comfortably at home or while traveling through Italy. Indeed, it was conceived as a handbook on Italian archaeology for armchair archaeologists as well as an archaeological guide for those visiting Italy. It provides key information on unconventional and not well-known archeological sites, which are outside of the mass tourism circuits, as well as insights on must-see sites and monuments in Italy, such as Pompeii or the Ancient city of Rome. The reader will find insights into the actual work of Italian archaeologists in current excavations, and on the challenges that they have to face. This perspective is quite unique. By combining information on archaeological sites with insights into archaeological practice, this book enables the reader to fully understand the archaeological profession in Italy. This beautiful full-color book features 44 photographs and 3 maps.

Archaeology Hotspot Italy

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