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Wydawnictwo Brookings Institution Press
Data wydania 01/06/2020
Wydanie Pierwsze
Liczba stron 323
Forma publikacji książka w miękkiej oprawie
Poziom zaawansowania Literatura popularna
Język angielski
ISBN 9780815738671
Kategorie Epidemiologia i statystyka medyczna, Infekcje i choroby zakaźne
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Opis książki

A global health catastrophe narrowly averted. A world unprepared for another outbreak. In December 2013, a young boy in a tiny West African village contracted the deadly Ebola virus. The virus spread to his relatives, then to neighbouring communities, then across international borders. The world's first urban Ebola outbreak quickly overwhelmed the global health system and threatened to kill millions. As we are currently seeing, in an increasingly interconnected world in which everyone is one or two flights away from New York or London or Beijing, a localized epidemic has become a pandemic. Ebola's spread through West Africa to Nigeria, the United Kingdom and the United States sounded global alarms that the next killer outbreak is right around the corner - and that the world is woefully unprepared to combat a new deadly disease. From the poorest villages of rural West Africa to the Oval Office itself, this book tells the story of a deadly virus that spun wildly out of control - and reveals the truth about how close the world came to a catastrophic global pandemic. It is a story that serves as a cautionary tale for the COVID-19 epidemic currently spreading throughout the world. This is a thrilling read for anyone interested in international affairs, not merely scientists and those in public health. - CHOICE "In this day and age, it's rare we take a breath and examine anything very thoroughly. And when it comes to resolving a crisis or looking at recent or just finished events, this lack of reflection can actually cause us more problems down the road. The beauty of Epidemic is how well Reid Wilson captures the urgency of the moment regarding the Ebola outbreak, not just as a tenacious detail-oriented journalist, but with the insight of an incredibly astute political and public affairs analyst. The lessons learned from how the world handled the Ebola outbreak won't just help us tackle the next global health crisis but explain how we navigate the challenges that come from rapid globalization overall." - Chuck Todd, Moderator of NBC's Meet the Press and political director, NBC News "Wilson's Epidemic has the narrative pace of a thriller, with the incisive questions that everyone should be asking in the wake of the Ebola epidemic: What does it mean to be prepared? Who is responsible? How do we stay motivated amid a world in crisis? By shedding light on the world's response, Wilson forces us not only to ask, but answer these questions before it's too late." - Prabhjot Singh, Director, Arnhold Institute for Global Hea


Spis treści

Cast of Characters
1. Emile
2. A Mysterious Killer
3. Into the Fight
4. A Turning Point
5. Roaring Back
6. Death of a Hero
7. Lagos
8. The Samaritans
9. A Call for Help
10. 70-30
11. Darkest Days
12. Deployment
13. Dallas
14. The Ebola Czar
15. Panic and Quarantine
16. The Obama Phones
17. The Burial Teams
18. A Waning Tide
19. Medicine without Borders
20. The Next Outbreak

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