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Child & Adolescent Athlete v6

Child & Adolescent Athlete v6

Wydawnictwo Blackwell Science
Data wydania 01/11/1995
Liczba stron 720
Forma publikacji książka w twardej oprawie
Poziom zaawansowania Dla szkół wyższych i kształcenia podyplomowego
Język angielski
ISBN 9780865429048
Kategorie Biomechanika, kinetyka człowieka, Pediatria, Urazy sportowe i medycyna sportowa
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Opis książki

The Child and Adolescent Athlete fulfils the need for a responsible approach to the developing athlete. Dr. Bar--Or is a world leader and experienced author in this field and has brought together an international team of experts for this book. The first section of the book covers applied growth and development and the development of strength, power and endurance in the young. Section II considers training, skill acquisition and trainability. Medically orientated sections on injury and non--orthopedic issues emphasize prevention and rehabilitation more than clinical problems, although medical problems like anaemia, eating disorders, amenorrhoea and stress on the heart are all discussed. There is an important section on psychosocial issues, motivation, stress and anxiety. Section VI considers the young athlete in the context of co--existing disease such as asthma or juvenile diabetes. Finally a methodology section reviews techniques used in monitoring and assessment of body composition, growth, aerobic and anaerobic performance and more.

Child & Adolescent Athlete v6

Spis treści

List of Contributors. Forewords. Preface. Part 1 Growth, Maturation and Physical Performance. Growth and Bbiological Maturation: Relevance to Athletic Performance. Development of Muscle Strength During Childhood. Development of Anaerobic Power and Local Muscular Endurance. Cardiorespiratory and Metabolic Responses to Exercise: Maturation and Growth. Skill Acquisition in Young Children. Prediction of Future Athletic Excellence. Part 2 Training: Principles, Trainability and Carry--over to Adulthood. Trainability of Strength and Muscle Power. Trainability of Aerabic Endurance. The Role of Physical Activity on the Regulation of Bone Mass During Growth. Athleticism, Physical Activity in Early Years and Health: a Question of Persistence. Part 3 Injuries: Epidemiology, Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation. Epidemiology of Pediatric Sports--related Injuries. Biomechanical Considerations in Youth Sports Injuries. Overuse Syndromes and Stress Fractures. Matching of Opponents in Youth Sports. Protective Equipment. Rehabilitation of Children Following Sports and Activity--related Injuries. Part 4 Non--Orthopaedic Health concerns: Identification and Prevention. Preparticipation Physical Examination. Nutrition for the School Age Child Athlete. Iron Deficiency in the Adolescent Athlete. Eating Disorders in the Young Athlete. Delayed Puberty in Girls and Primary and Secondary Amenorrhea. Cardiologic Concerns in the Young Athlete. Exercise in Hot and Cold Climates. Part 5 Psychosocial Issue. Socialization Through Sport. Self--esteem and Perceptions of Competence in Youth Sport. Emotional Stress and Anxiety in the Child and Adolescent Athlete. Intelligence of Child and Adolescent Participants in Sport. The Dropout Dilemma in Youth Sports. Part 6 The Young Athlete With a Disease. Asthma and Sports. Juvenile Diabetes and Sports. Adolescent Hypertension and Sports. The Young Athlete with a Motor Disability. Part 7 Methodology. Body Composition Assessment in Children and Youth. Anthropometry in Assessing Physique Status and Monitoring Change. Testing of Aerobic Power, Capacity and Performance. Testing of Anaerobic Performance. Longitudinal Studies During Growth and Training. The Importance and Principles. Habitual Activity. Monitoring of Growth and Maturation. Scaling. Index.

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