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Economics for the IB Diploma Coursebook with Cambridge Elevate Edition

Economics for the IB Diploma Coursebook with Cambridge Elevate Edition

Wydawnictwo Cambridge University Press
Data wydania 01/07/2020
Wydanie Trzecie
Liczba stron 694
Forma publikacji zestaw, dzieło wielotomowe
Liczba tomów 1
Poziom zaawansowania Dla dzieci
Język angielski
ISBN 9781108847063
Kategorie Ekonomia, Edukacja: materiały
Zastępuje 9780521186407
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Opis książki

Develop the next generation of economic minds with this thought-provoking series for first examinations 2022. Written by a highly experienced author, teacher, former IB Economics Chief Examiner and current senior examiner, the third edition has been fully updated to meet the requirements of the new guide for first examinations in 2022. It is a thought-provoking account of economic theory and policy with numerous real-world applications, encouraging international-mindedness, development of critical and independent thinking, and inquiry-based learning. This all-in-one print and digital coursebook includes a broad variety of features ensuring students will flourish in the subject and apply their skills in a diverse and practical way. Answers to coursebook activities are found in the teacher's resource.

Economics for the IB Diploma Coursebook with Cambridge Elevate Edition

Spis treści

Introduction to the Student and Teacher; Unit 1. Introduction to Economics: Chapter 1. The Foundations of Economics; Unit 2. Microeconomics: Chapter 2. Competitive markets: demand and supply; Chapter 3. Elasticities; Chapter 4. Government intervention in microeconomics; Chapter 5. Market failure and socially undesirable outcomes I: Common pool resources and negative externalities; Chapter 6. Market failure and socially undesirable outcomes II: Positive externalities, public goods, asymmetric information and inability to achieve equity; Chapter 7. Market failure and socially undesirably outcomes III: Market power (HL only); Unit 3. Macroeconomics: Chapter 8. The level of overall economic activity; Chapter 9. Aggregate demand and aggregate supply; Chapter 10. Macroeconomic objectives I: Low unemployment, low and stable rate of inflation; Chapter 11. Macroeconomic objectives II: Economic growth, sustainable level of debt; Chapter 12. Economics of inequality and poverty; Chapter 13. Demand-side and supply-side policies; Unit 4. The Global Economy: Chapter 14. International trade: Part 1; Chapter 15. International trade: Part 2; Chapter 16. Exchange rates and the balance of payments; Chapter 17. Further topics on exchange rates and the balance of payments (HL only); Chapter 18. Understanding economic development; Chapter 19. Barriers to economic growth and economic development; Chapter 20. Strategies to promote economic growth and economic development; Glossary.

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