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Mountains, Climate and Biodiversity

Mountains, Climate and Biodiversity

Wydawnictwo Blackwell Science
Data wydania 01/04/2018
Wydanie Pierwsze
Liczba stron 544
Forma publikacji książka w twardej oprawie
Poziom zaawansowania Dla profesjonalistów, specjalistów i badaczy naukowych
Język angielski
ISBN 9781119159872
Kategorie Nauka ekologiczna, biosfera, Meteorologia i nauka o klimatach, Góry
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Mountains, Climate and Biodiversity A comprehensive and up-to-date synthesis for students and researchers Mountains are topographically complex formations that play a fundamental role in regional and continental-scale climates. They are also cradles to all major river systems and home to unique, and often highly biodiverse and threatened, ecosystems. But how do all these processes tie together to form the patterns of diversity we see today? Written by leading researchers in the fields of geology, biology, climate, and geography, this book explores the relationship between mountain building and climate change, and how these processes shape biodiversity through time and space. In the first two sections, you will learn about the processes, theory, and methods connecting mountain building and biodiversity In the third section, you will read compelling examples from around the world exploring the links between mountains, climate and biodiversity Throughout the 31 peer-reviewed chapters, a non-technical style and synthetic illustrations make this book accessible to a wide audience A comprehensive glossary summarises the main concepts and terminology Readership: Mountains, Climate and Biodiversity is intended for students and researchers in geosciences, biology and geography. It is specifically compiled for those who are interested in historical biogeography, biodiversity and conservation.

Mountains, Climate and Biodiversity

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List of Contributors xi

Acknowledgments xvii

Foreword by Peter Raven xix

Biography of Editors xxiii

Glossary xxv

About the Companion Website xxxv

1 Mountains, Climate and Biodiversity: An Introduction 1
Carina Hoorn, Allison Perrigo and Alexandre Antonelli

Part I Mountains, Relief and Climate 15

2 Simple Concepts Underlying the Structure, Support and Growth of Mountain Ranges, High Plateaus and Other High Terrain 17
Peter Molnar

3 An Overview of Dynamic Topography: The Influence of Mantle Circulation on Surface Topography and Landscape 37
Caroline M. Eakin and Carolina Lithgow?Bertelloni

4 Mountain Relief, Climate and Surface Processes 51
Peter van der Beek

5 Dating Mountain Building: Exhumation and Surface Uplift 69
Matthias Bernet, Veronica Torres Acosta and Mauricio A. Bermudez

6 Stable Isotope Paleoaltimetry: Paleotopography as a Key Element in the Evolution of Landscapes and Life 81
Andreas Mulch and C. Page Chamberlain

7 Phytopaleoaltimetry: Using Plant Fossils to Measure Past Land Surface Elevation 95
Robert A. Spicer

8 Cenozoic Mountain Building and Climate Evolution 111
Phoebe G. Aron and Christopher J. Poulsen

9 Paleoclimate 123
Hemmo A. Abels and Martin Ziegler

Part II When Biology Meets Mountain Building 135

10 Mountain Geodiversity: Characteristics, Values and Climate Change 137
John E. Gordon

11 Geodiversity Mapping in Alpine Areas 155
Arie C. Seijmonsbergen, Matheus G.G. De Jong, Babs Hagendoorn, Johannes G.B. Oostermeijer and Kenneth F. Rijsdijk

12 Historical Connectivity and Mountain Biodiversity 171
Suzette G.A. Flantua and Henry Hooghiemstra

13 The Environmental Heterogeneity of Mountains at a Fine Scale in a Changing World 187
Andres J. Cortes and Julia A. Wheeler

14 Mountains, Climate and Mammals 201
Catherine Badgley, Tara M. Smiley and Rachel Cable

15 Inferring Macroevolutionary Dynamics in Mountain Systems from Fossils 217
Daniele Silvestro and Jan Schnitzler

16 The Interplay between Geological History and Ecology in Mountains 231
Catherine H. Graham, Mauricio Parra, Andres Mora and Camilo Higuera

17 Mountains and the Diversity of Birds 245
Jon Fjeldsa

18 Teasing Apart Mountain Uplift, Climate Change and Biotic Drivers of Species Diversification 257
Fabien L. Condamine, Alexandre Antonelli, Laura P. Lagomarsino, Carina Hoorn and Lee Hsiang Liow

19 Upland and Lowland Fishes: A Test of the River Capture Hypothesis 273
James S. Albert, Jack M. Craig, Victor A. Tagliacollo and Paulo Petry

20 Different Ways of Defining Dive

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