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Zizek on Race

Zizek on Race

Wydawnictwo Bloomsbury Professional Ltd
Data wydania 01/02/2020
Wydanie Pierwsze
Liczba stron 256
Forma publikacji książka w miękkiej oprawie
Poziom zaawansowania Dla szkół wyższych i kształcenia podyplomowego
Język angielski
ISBN 9781350094208
Kategorie Filozofia społeczna i polityczna, Mniejszości etniczne i studia wielokulturowe, Teoria psychologiczna (psychologia Freuda), Opresje polityczne i prześladowania
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Slavoj Zizek's prolific comments on anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, scapegoating, popular nationalism, the refugee crisis, Eurocentrism, the War on Terror, neocolonialism, global justice, and rioting comprise a dizzying array of thinking. But what can we pull out of his various writings and commentaries on race in the contemporary world? Is there anything approaching a Zizekian philosophy of race? Zahi Zalloua argues here that there is and that the often polemical style of Zizek's pronouncements shouldn't undermine the importance and urgency of his work in this area. Zalloua not only examines Zizek's philosophy of race but addresses the misconceptions that have arisen and some of the perceived shortcomings in his work to date. Zizek on Race also puts Zizek in dialogue with critical race and anti-colonial studies, dwelling on the sparks struck up by this dialogue and the differences, gaps, and absences it points up. Engaging Zizek's singular contribution to the analysis of race and racism, Zizek on Race both patiently interrogates and critically extends his direct comments on the topic, developing more fully the potential of his thought. In a response to the book, Zizek boldly reaffirms his theoretical stance, clarifying further his often difficult-to-work-out positions on some of his more controversial pronouncements. Zizek on Race provides new revelations on every page about the ways that psychoanalytic theory, specifically that of Slavoj Zizek, contributes to the critique of racism. For those who believe that Zizek has nothing to say about racism, Zalloua's book will prove an eye-opening experience. It completely changes how we can theorize the fight against racism. -- Todd McGowan, Professor of English, University of Vermont, USA Against the fake neutralism of the Western liberal gaze and its obverse side of identity politics, Zahi Zalloua lends a powerfully articulate voice to Zizek's uncompromising call for a new "universality of strangers". Drawing clear-sighted connections between Black Lives Matter, Palestinian resistance, Afro-pessimism and class struggle this timely intervention develops Zizekian themes and ideas in politically bold and creative ways, directly challenging today's Left and Right orthodoxies on race and racism. -- Glyn Daly, Senior Lecturer in Politics, University of Northampton, UK, and author of Speculation: Politics, Ideology, Event In Zizek on Race Zahi Zalloua achieves several remarkable feats. To point out just two of them: First, he provides an extremely helpful and timely account

Zizek on Race

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Foreword by Slavoj Zizek

Introduction: The Post-Political is the Post-Racial

Chapter 1: Liberal Multiculturalism: From "Checking Your Privilege" to "Checking Our Fantasy"

Chapter 2: Deconstruction: Hospitality, Hostility, and the "Real" Neighbor

Chapter 3: Postcolonialism: From the Culturalization of Politics to the Politicization of Culture

Chapter 4: Critical Race Theory: The Subject Supposed to Loot, Rape, and Terrorize

Chapter 5: Afro-Pessimism: Traversing the Fantasy of the Human, or Rewriting the Grammar of Suffering

Conclusion: "All Lives Matter" or "Black Lives Matter"? Yes, Please!


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