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Netter's Head and Neck Anatomy for Dentistry

Netter's Head and Neck Anatomy for Dentistry

Wydawnictwo Saunders
Data wydania 2011
Liczba stron 672
Forma publikacji książka w miękkiej oprawie
Język angielski
ISBN 9781437726633
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Opis książki

The first head and neck atlas written specifically for dental students, this new resource uses more than 700 full-color images from the Frank Netter Collection to richly depict all of the key anatomy that's relevant to clinical practice. The Netter head and neck anatomy plates have long been considered the preeminent illustrations of their kind. Now, many of these original plates have been updated, relabeled, and modified to set an even higher standard.

Netter's Head and Neck Anatomy for Dentistry

Spis treści

1. Development of the Head & Neck 2. Osteology 3. Basic Neuroanatomy & Cranial Nerves 4. The Neck 5. Scalp & Muscles of Facial Expression 6. Parotid Bed & Gland 7. Temporal & Infratemporal Fossae 8. Muscles of Mastication 9. Temporomandibular Joint 10. Pterygopalatine Fossa 11. Nose & Nasal Cavity 12. Paranasal Sinuses 13. Oral Cavity 14. Tongue 15. Pharynx 16. Larynx 17. Cervical Fascia 18. Ear 19. Eye & Orbit 20. Autonomics of the Head & Neck 21. Intraoral Injections
22. Introduction to the Upper Limb, Back, Thorax, and Abdomen Appendix A. Questions and Answers
Appendix B. Lymphatics

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