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Essentials of Engineering Leadership and Innovation

Essentials of Engineering Leadership and Innovation

Wydawnictwo CRC Press Inc.
Data wydania 01/01/2016
Wydanie Pierwsze
Liczba stron 248
Forma publikacji książka w twardej oprawie
Poziom zaawansowania Dla szkół wyższych i kształcenia podyplomowego
Język angielski
ISBN 9781439820117
Kategorie Zarządzanie i style zarządzania, Inżynieria: pojęcia ogólne
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Opis książki

This book is a must-have resource for those engineering professionals seeking out best practice in engineering leadership and innovation. It is underpinned by years of applied experience in engineering settings, and is designed to develop and prepare engineers as leaders to accept the technical and managerial challenges that they will face as professionals At a time when engineering and innovation in technology is of importance on so many fronts, this text encourages engineers and technical professionals to become effective, socially conscious leaders and innovators. The text and course material is designed to create an environment of interactive, high-engagement learning that will produce lifelong skills. Some of the many benefits of this book include: * Accompanying notes, instructor's manual, sample syllabi for qualifying textbook adoption; * A complementary website with a wealth of ancillary resources; * Case studies in STEM contexts; * An international approach, underpinned by years of experience in US settings; * Practical advice on how to distinguish yourself as an engineering leader; * A solid grounding in ethics and professional responsibility. Drawing together best practice in engineering leadership education, and current research in the field, this book is an essential read for those wishing to develop expertise in engineering leadership. Current professionals in the field, educators as well as students of engineering wishing to excel, will all be particularly interested readers. "This book is a good addition to the technical community as a resource for educating, from an academic and theoretical perspective, new engineers regarding the challenges of leadership and innovation in the workplace." -Kevin E Howard, Cofounder and CTO - K4M Consulting, USA "In Essentials of Engineering Leadership and Innovation, Pamela McCauley makes a compelling case for engineering professionals to become socially responsible leaders and innovators. This book is designed for engineering and technology students, but may also appeal to engineering and technology professionals seeking stepping into leadership roles in their organizations. McCauley artfully combines interesting case studies, extensive research findings and insightful profiles of scientists and engineers to help mold the next generation of STEM leaders and innovators." - Linda Naimi, Purdue University, USA

Essentials of Engineering Leadership and Innovation

Spis treści

1. A Call to Leadership 2. The Role of Creativity and Innovation in Leadership 3. Leadership Within An Organization 4. Distinguishing Yourself as an Engineering Leader and Learning Your Engineering Leadership Style 5. Establishing the Vision as an Engineering Leader 6. Ethics and Professional Responsibility 7. Integration and Execution: Putting It All Together

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