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Interrogating Harmful Cultural Practices: Gender, Culture and Coercion

Interrogating Harmful Cultural Practices: Gender, Culture and Coercion

Wydawnictwo Taylor & Francis Ltd
Data wydania 14/08/2015
Liczba stron 228
Forma publikacji książka w twardej oprawie
Poziom zaawansowania Dla szkół wyższych i kształcenia podyplomowego
ISBN 9781472428882
Kategorie Badania nad płcią, grupy ze względu na płeć, Teoria społeczna
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Opis książki

This volume explores a variety of 'harmful cultural practices': a term increasingly employed by organizations working within a human rights framework to refer to certain discriminatory practices against women in the global South. Drawing on recent work by feminists across the social sciences, as well as activists from around the world, this volume discusses and presents research on practices such as veiling, forced marriage, honour related and dowry violence, female genital 'mutilation', lip plates and sex segregation in public space. With attention to the analytic utility of the notion of harmful cultural practices, this volume explores questions surrounding the contribution of feminist thought to international and NGO policies on such practices, whether western beauty practices should be analysed in similar terms, or should the notion as such from an anthropological perspective be rejected, how harmful cultural practices relate to processes of culturalization, religionization and secularization, and how they can be challenged, come to transform and disappear. Presenting concrete, empirical case studies from Africa, South East Asia, Europe and the UK Interrogating Harmful Cultural Practices will be of interest to scholars of sociology, anthropology, development and law with interests in gender, the body, violence and women's agency.

Interrogating Harmful Cultural Practices: Gender, Culture and Coercion

Spis treści

Contents: Introduction to 'harmful cultural practices', Chia Longman and Tamsin Bradley. Part 1 Theorizing Harmful Cultural Practices: Interrogating the concept of 'harmful cultural practices', Chia Longman and Tamsin Bradley; Harmful cultural practices: towards a research frame, Tamsin Bradley and Chia Longman. Part 2 Policy, Legal Developments and Political Discourse: Harmful cultural practices and minority women in Europe: from headscarf bans to forced marriages and honour related violence, Chia Longman and Gily Coene; 'Narratives of blame' surrounding HIV and AIDS eradication policies and sexual cultural practices in Malawi, Samantha Page; Finding a seat on the bus: is the practice of sex segregation among ultra orthodox groups in Israel a harmful traditional practice under CEDAW?, Lisa Fishbayn Joffe. Part 3 From FGM to Cosmetic Genital Surgery: Transcending female circumcision: a call for collective unmasking, J. Wanjiku Khamasi; Challenging mind-sets: the diverse voices of African women, Aisha Omar; 'The clitoris is in the head!': female circumcision and the making of a harmful cultural practice in Egypt, Maria Frederika Malmstrom and An Van Raemdonck; Vaginal practices across cultures: expressions of gender inequalities?, Emilomo Ogbe and Els Leye. Part 4 Globalisation and Emerging Harmful Cultural Practices: Dowry, activism and globalisation, Tamsin Bradley; Lip-plates, 'harm' debates, and the cultural rights of Mursi (Mun) women, Shauna LaTosky; Epilogue: harm and well-being: cultural practices and harmful global practices, Ellen Gruenbaum. Index.

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