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Clinically Oriented Anatomy ebook

Clinically Oriented Anatomy ebook

Wydawnictwo Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Data wydania 01/01/2017
Wydanie 8
Forma publikacji inne
Język angielski
ISBN 9781496389428
Kategorie Medycyna: zagadnienia ogólne
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The world?s most trusted clinically focused anatomy text! Renowned for comprehensive coverage, the best-selling Clinically Oriented Anatomy guides students from initial anatomy and foundational science courses through clinical training and practice. The eighth edition reflects significant new information and updates and maintains the highest standards for scientific and clinical accuracy. Comprehensive updates reflect changes in the clinical application of anatomy as well as new imaging technologies, focusing on the anatomy that students need to know.

Clinically Oriented Anatomy ebook

Spis treści

  • Cover

  • Title

  • Copyright

  • Dedication

  • Preface

  • Acknowledgments

  • List of Clinical Blue Boxes

  • List of Tables

  • Figure Credits


  • Approaches to Studying Anatomy

  • Regional Anatomy

  • Systemic Anatomy

  • Clinical Anatomy

  • Anatomicomedical Terminology

  • Anatomical Position

  • Anatomical Planes

  • Terms of Relationship and Comparison

  • Terms of Laterality

  • Terms of Movement

  • Anatomical Variations

  • Integumentary System

  • Fascias, Fascial Compartments, Bursae, and Potential Spaces

  • Skeletal System

  • Cartilage and Bones

  • Classification of Bones

  • Bone Markings and Formations

  • Bone Development

  • Vasculature and Innervation of Bones

  • Joints

  • Muscle Tissue and Muscular System

  • Types of Muscle (Muscle Tissue)

  • Skeletal Muscles

  • Cardiac Striated Muscle

  • Smooth Muscle

  • Cardiovascular System

  • Vascular Circuits

  • Blood Vessels

  • Lymphoid System

  • Nervous System

  • Central Nervous System

  • Peripheral Nervous System

  • Somatic Nervous System

  • Autonomic Nervous System

  • Medical Imaging Techniques

  • Conventional Radiography

  • Computed Tomography

  • Ultrasonography

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging

  • Nuclear Medicine Imaging

  • 2. BACK

  • Overview of Back and Vertebral Column

  • Vertebrae

  • Structure and Function of Vertebrae

  • Regional Characteristics of Vertebrae

  • Ossification of Ver

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