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Encyclopedia of Polymer Applications, 3 Volume Set

Encyclopedia of Polymer Applications, 3 Volume Set

Wydawnictwo Productivity Press Inc
Data wydania 01/01/2019
Wydanie Pierwsze
Liczba stron 2954
Forma publikacji książka w twardej oprawie
Poziom zaawansowania Dla szkół wyższych i kształcenia podyplomowego
Język angielski
ISBN 9781498729932
Kategorie Chemia polimerowa, Technologia plastików i polimerów, Nauka o materiałach
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Undoubtedly the applications of polymers are rapidly evolving. Technology is continually changing and quickly advancing as polymers are needed to solve a variety of day-to-day challenges leading to improvements in quality of life. The Encyclopedia of Polymer Applications presents state-of-the-art research and development on the applications of polymers. This groundbreaking work provides important overviews to help stimulate further advancements in all areas of polymers. This comprehensive multi-volume reference includes articles contributed from a diverse and global team of renowned researchers. It offers a broad-based perspective on a multitude of topics in a variety of applications, as well as detailed research information, figures, tables, illustrations, and references. The encyclopedia provides introductions, classifications, properties, selection, types, technologies, shelf-life, recycling, testing and applications for each of the entries where applicable. It features critical content for both novices and experts including, engineers, scientists (polymer scientists, materials scientists, biomedical engineers, macromolecular chemists), researchers, and students, as well as interested readers in academia, industry, and research institutions.

Encyclopedia of Polymer Applications, 3 Volume Set

Spis treści

Actuators: Buckypaper Composite / Joshua DeGraff, Richard Liang and Pierre Cottinet

Agriculture: Natural Polymers for Controlled Release of Fertilizers / Cristiana A.V. Torres, Filomena Freitas

Agriculture: Polymers in Crop Production Mulch and Fertilizer / Dhruba Jyoti Sarkar, Mandira Barman, Tanumoy Bera, Mriganka De and Dibyendu Chatterjee

Agriculture: Polymers in Crop Production Pesticides / Dhruba Jyoti Sarkar, Najam Akhter Shakil, V. S. Rana, Jitendra Kumar, Ajoy Saha, Totan Adak and Jaydeep Haldar

Agriculture: Polymers in Crop Protection / Pietro Picuno

Agriculture: Super Absorbent Functional Polymers / Bijender Kumar, Farha Deeba, Ruchir Priyadarshi, Sauraj, and Yuvraj Singh Negi

Alginate / Pankaj M. Maheriya and Vipul D. Prajapati

Automotive Applications: Polylactic Acid and Biocomposite Parts / Khosrow Khodabakhshi

Automotive Applications: Polymers in / I. A. Aderibigbe, E. R. Sadiku and A. P. I Popoola

Automotive Applications: Reinforced Material Components / B. Suresha, R. Hemanth and K. Nithin

Aviation: Polymer Composites, Processes, and Properties / I. A. Aderibigbe, P. Nombula and A.P. I. Popoola

Aviation: Thermoplastic and Thermoset Polymers in / M. OEzgur Seydibeyoglu, Fatma Erdogan and Elif Alyamac

Biomaterials: Soft Tissue Injuries / Anurag Singh and Rui Miranda Guedes

Biomedicine: Cellulose in / Eliane Trovatti and Eugen Barbu

Biomedicine: Cross-linked Polymers Applications / B. A. Aderibigbe

Biomedicine: Polymers with Silsesquioxane Units / B. Simionescu, A. Oancea, I. Bordianu-Antochi, C. Ursu, C. Cotofana and M. Olaru

Biosensing Devices: Conjugated Polymer Based Scaffolds / Saniye Soylemez, Melis Kesika and Levent Toppare

Catalysts: Polymers in Biodiesel Production / Farha Deeba, Bijender Kumar, Sauraj, Ruchir Priyadarshi, Vikas Pruthi and Yuvraj S. Negi

Chemotherapy: Polycaprolactone (PCL)-Based Drug Delivery System / Somesh Mohapatra, Vineethkrishna Chandrasekar, Aparna R. Chakravarti, Shweta Paroha, Oshin Sapra, Ankit Saneja, and Ravindra Dhar Dubey

Chitosan: Antimicrobial and Edible Coatings / Anjali Bishnoi, Sandeep Rai, Nirav Joshi and Sunil Kumar

Chitosan: Biodegradable Food Packaging / Ruchir Priyadarshi, Sauraj Singh, Saleheen Bano, Asif Ali and Yuvraj Singh Negi

Chitosan: Tissue Engineering and Wound Dressing Applications / Mohammad Amin Shamekhi, Hamid Mahdavi, Hamid Mirzadeh, Ahmad Rabiee, Davod Mohebbi-Kalhori, Nooshin Haghighipour and Mohamadreza Baghaban Eslaminejad

Communication: Polymers in / Pulak Datta, Sanjay Kumar and Gautam S

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