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Frontier Women and Their Art: A Chronological Encyclopedia

Frontier Women and Their Art: A Chronological Encyclopedia

Wydawnictwo Rowman & Littlefield
Data wydania 01/06/2018
Liczba stron 372
Forma publikacji książka w twardej oprawie
Poziom zaawansowania Literatura popularna
ISBN 9781538109755
Kategorie Sztuka zagadnienia ogólne, Historia sztuki/sztuka i nurty w sztuce, Sztuka folklorystyczna, Dzieła referencyjne
538.94 PLN (z VAT)
$144.66 / €118.83 / £105.84 /
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While often less celebrated than their male counterparts, women have been vital contributors to the arts for centuries. Works by women of the frontier represent treasured accomplishments of American culture and still impress us today, centuries after their creation. The breadth of creative expression by women of this time period is as remarkable as the women themselves. In Frontier Women and Their Art: A Chronological Encyclopedia, Mary Ellen Snodgrass explores the rich history of women's creative expression from the beginning of the Federalist era to the end of the nineteenth century. Focusing particularly on Western artistic style, the importance of cultural exchange, and the preservation of history, this book captures a wide variety of artistic accomplishment, including *Folk music, frontier theatrics, and dancing *Quilting, stitchery, and beadwork *Sculpture and adobe construction *Writing, translations, and storytelling Individual talents highlighted in this volume include basketry by Nellie Charlie, acting by Blanche Bates, costuming by Annie Oakley, diary entries by Emily French, translations by Sacajawea, flag designs by Nancy Kelsey, photography by Jennie Ross Cobb, and singing by Lotta Crabtree. Each entry includes a comprehensive bibliography of primary and secondary sources, as well as further readings on the female artists and their respective crafts. This text also defines and provides examples of technical terms such as applique, libretto, grapevine, farce, coil pots, and quilling. With its informative entries and extensive examinations of artistic talent, Frontier Women and Their Art is a valuable resource for students, scholars, and anyone interested in learning about some of the most influential and talented women in the arts.

Frontier Women and Their Art: A Chronological Encyclopedia

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