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Microbial Transmission

Microbial Transmission

Wydawnictwo American Society for Microbiology
Data wydania 14/03/2019
Liczba stron 480
Forma publikacji książka w twardej oprawie
Poziom zaawansowania Dla szkół wyższych i kształcenia podyplomowego
ISBN 9781555819736
Kategorie Biologia molekularna
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Opis książki

Microbial transmission, the processes by which microbes transit to new environments, is a significant and broad-reaching concept with applications throughout the biological sciences. This collection of reviews, edited by an international team of experts studying and working across a range of disciplines, explores transmission not just as an idea in disease but as a fundamental biological process that acts in all domains of nature and exerts its force on disparate size scales, from the micro to the macro, and across units of time as divergent as a single bacterial replication cycle and the entire course of evolution. In five sections, this overview defines the concept of transmission and covers basic processes of transmission, including causality, control strategies, fitness costs, virulence, and selection. Anyone studying or working in microbial colonization, evolution, pathogenicity, antimicrobial resistance, or public health will benefit from a deeper understanding of Microbial Transmission.

Microbial Transmission

Spis treści

1. Origin, History, and Meanings of the Word Transmission

Joaquin Villalba, Fernando A. Navarro, Francisco Cortes

2. Causality in Biological Transmission: Forces and Energies

Fernando Baquero

3. Natural and Artificial Strategies to Control the Conjugative Transmission of Plasmids

Maria Getino, Fernando de la Cruz

4. Fitness Costs of Plasmids: A Limit to Plasmid Transmission

Alvaro San Millan, R. Craig MacLean

5. Basic Processes in Salmonella-Host Interactions: Within-Host Evolution and the Transmission of the Virulent Genotype

Mederic Diard, Wolf-Dietrich Hardt

6. Salmonella Intracellular Lifestyles and Their Impact on Host-to-Host Transmission

M. Graciela Pucciarelli, Francisco Garcia-del Portillo

7. Selection and Transmission of Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

Dan I. Andersson, Diarmaid Hughes

8. Ecology and Evolution of Chromosomal Gene Transfer between Environmental Microorganisms and Pathogens

Jose Luis Martinez

9. Food-to-Humans Bacterial Transmission

Patricia Antunes, Carla Novais, Luisa Peixe

10. Insects and the Transmission of Bacterial Agents

Maureen Laroche, Didier Raoult, Philippe Parola

11. Biology of Hand-to-Hand Bacterial Transmission

Rosa del Campo, Laura Martinez-Garcia, Ana Maria Sanchez-Diaz, Fernando Baquero

12. Transmission Surveillance for Antimicrobial-Resistant Organisms in the Health System

Johann D. D. Pitout

13. The Evolution of Genotyping Strategies to Detect, Analyze, and Control Transmission of Tuberculosis

Dario Garcia de Viedma, Laura Perez-Lago

14. Breaking Transmission with Vaccines: The Case of Tuberculosis

Jesus Gonzalo-Asensio, Nacho Aguilo, Dessislava Marinova, Carlos Martin

15. Transmission, Human Population, and Pathogenicity: the Ebola Case in Point

Rafael Delgado, Fernando Simon

16. Quantifying Transmission

Mark Woolhouse

17. Experimental Epidemiology of Antibiotic Resistance: Looking for an Appropriate Animal Model System

Pablo Llop, Amparo Latorre, Andres Moya

18. Transmission in the Origins of Bacterial Diversity, From Ecotypes to Phyla

Frederick M. Cohan

19. Tracking the Rules of Transmission and Introgression with Networks

Chloe Vigliotti, Cedric Bicep, Eric Bapteste, Philippe Lopez, Eduardo Corel

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