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Antimicrobial Resistance in Bacteria from Livestock and Companion Animals

Antimicrobial Resistance in Bacteria from Livestock and Companion Animals

Wydawnictwo American Society for Microbiology
Data wydania 01/10/2018
Liczba stron 400
Forma publikacji książka w twardej oprawie
Poziom zaawansowania Dla profesjonalistów, specjalistów i badaczy naukowych
ISBN 9781555819798
Kategorie Mikrobiologia i wirusologia, Biologia molekularna, Mikrobiologia (nie medyczna)
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Opis książki

The global spread of antimicrobial-resistant pathogenic bacteria is a continuing plague to the health care of humans and domesticated animals. With an international team of editors and authors, this book features the history and use of antimicrobials, methods for detecting and monitoring resistance, detailed reviews of antimicrobial resistance within individual pathogenic species, and forward-looking perspectives on antimicrobial stewardship. This is a "must-have" for agricultural microbiologists, veterinarians, clinical microbiologists, and others interested in understanding and preventing antimicrobial resistance.

Antimicrobial Resistance in Bacteria from Livestock and Companion Animals

Spis treści

1. History and current use of antimicrobial drugs in veterinary medicine

John F. Prescott

2. Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing of Bacteria of Veterinary Origin; Breakpoints

Jeffrey L. Watts, Michael T. Sweeney and Brian V. Lubbers

3. New and Molecular Methods for the Detection of Antimicrobial Resistance (including MALDI-TOF, NGS, DNA array)

Muna F. Anjum, Ea Zankari, and Henrik Hasman

4. Mechanisms and Transmission of Bacterial Resistance to Antimicrobial Agents

Engeline van Duijkeren et al.

5. Resistance to Metals Used in Agricultural Production

Christopher Rensing et al.

6. Resistance to Biocides in Bacteria

Jean-Yves Maillard

7. Antimicrobial Resistance among Staphylococci of Animal Origin

Stefan Schwarz et al.

8. Antimicrobial Resistance in Streptococcus spp.

Marisa Haenni, Agnese Lupo and Jean-Yves Madec

9. Antimicrobial Resistance in Enterococcus spp. Carmen Torres et al.

10. Antimicrobial Resistance in Rhodococcus equi

Steve Giguere, Londa J. Berghaus, and Jennifer Willingham-Lane

11. Antimicrobial Resistance in Listeria spp.

Laura Luque-Sastre et al.

12. Antimicrobial Resistance in Nontyphoidal Salmonella

Patrick F. McDermott, Shaohua Zhao, and Heather Tate

13. Antimicrobial Resistance in Escherichia coli

Laurent Poirel et al.

14. Antimicrobial Resistance in Campylobacter spp.

Zhangqi Shen et al.

15. Antimicrobial Resistance in Pasteurellaceae of Veterinary Origin

Geovana B. Michael, Janine Bosse, and Stefan Schwarz

16. Antimicrobial Resistance in Bordetella bronchiseptica

Kristina Kadlec, and Stefan Schwarz

17. Antimicrobial Resistance in Pseudomonas spp. and Acinetobacter spp.

Agnese Lupo, Marisa Haenni, and Jean-Yves Madec

18. Antimicrobial Resistance in Corynebacterium spp., Arcanobacterium spp., and Trueperella pyogenes

Andrea T. Fessler and Stefan Schwarz

19. Antimicrobial Resistance in Stenotrophomonas spp.

Yang Wang et al.

20. Antimicrobial Resistance in Mycoplasma spp.

Anne V. Gautier-Bouchardon

21. Antimicrobial Resistance in Clostridium spp., Brachyspira spp., and other Anaerobes

Marie Archambault and Joseph Rubin

22. Antimicrobial Resistance in Leptospira, Brucella and Other Rarely Investigated Veterinary and Zoonotic Pathogens

Darren J. Trott, Sam Abraham, and Ben Adler

23. Antimicrobial Resistance in Chlamydiales, Rickettsia, Coxiella, and Other Intracellular Pathogens

Daisy Vanrompay et al.

24. Antimicrobial Drug Resistance in Fish Pathogens

Ron A. Miller and Heather Harbottle

25. Antimicrobial Resistance in One-Health Perspective

Scott A. McEwen and Peter J. Colignon

26. Licensing and Approval of Antimicrobial Agents for Use in Animals

Constanca Pomba et al.

27. Monitoring Antimicrobial Drug Usage in Animals: Methods and Applications

Nicole Werner, Scott A. McEwen, and Lothar Kreienbrock

28. The Present and Future Surveillance of Antimicrobial Resistance in Animals: Principles and Practices

Shabbir Simjee et al.

29. Source Attribution Models and Risk Assessment

Sara M. Pires, Ana SofiaDuarte, and Tine Hald

30. Optimization of Treatment to Minimize Resistance Selection

Luca Guardabassi et al.

31. Antimicrobial Stewardship in Veterinary Medicine

David H. Lloyd and Stephen W. Page

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