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High-Efficiency Load Modulation Power Amplifiers for Wireless Communications

High-Efficiency Load Modulation Power Amplifiers for Wireless Communications

Wydawnictwo Artech House
Data wydania 01/06/2017
Wydanie Pierwsze
Liczba stron 414
Forma publikacji książka w twardej oprawie
Poziom zaawansowania Dla profesjonalistów, specjalistów i badaczy naukowych
Język angielski
ISBN 9781608079872
Kategorie Inżynieria elektroniczna i komunikacyjna, Inżynieria elektroniczna, Technologia mikrofalowa, Inżynieria komunikacyjna i telekomunikacyjna
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This cutting-edge resource provides a practical and in-depth overview of all aspects of load modulation PA design, from passive load impedance tuner design to digital signal processing algorithms required for performance enhancement. RF and microwave engineers and researchers should find it particularly interesting as the book outlines the evolution and integration of classical load modulation PA topologies and new challenges in the field. It also covers topics related to the field, such as video bandwidth extension, broadband dynamic load amplifiers and various design procedures. This is the first dedicated book on the important topic of High Efficiency Load Modulation Power Amplifiers for Wireless Communications that, to the reviewer's knowledge, has been published. It is an extensive and comprehensive description of all aspects of load modulation design and optimization not only covering power amplifier design approaches specifically for load modulation operation but also extensive details on active load modulation design including varactor approaches and Doherty and Chireix power amplifiers. The book is well planned with topics flowing well from the introductory chapter reviewing modulation scheme history and trends in wireless communications, through a solid theoretical understanding of various load modulation approaches. This book is recommended for those who want a full introduction and understanding of the topic through to more experienced engineers that require convenient reference material. -- Raymond S. Pengelly * Fellow of the IEEE and IET * This book is an excellent starting platform for entering the exciting world of high-efficiency radio transmitter design. -- Andrei Grebennikov This is a comprehensive book for energy-efficient load modulation power amplifier, which includes cutting edge dynamic load modulation, Doherty as well as Chirex architectures, this book will be constructive and fruitful for PA designers and researchers. -- Wenhua Chen * Tsinghua University *

High-Efficiency Load Modulation Power Amplifiers for Wireless Communications

Spis treści

Call for Efficient Power Amplification; Tunable Matching Networks; Dynamic Load Modulation Power Amplifiers; Active Load Modulation Power Amplifiers; Load Modulation Design for Efficiency; Load Modulation Design for Bandwidth; Evolutions of Load Modulation Power Amplifiers; Integrated Load Modulation Amplifiers.

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