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Functionalized Engineering Materials and Their Applications

Functionalized Engineering Materials and Their Applications

Wydawnictwo Apple
Data wydania 01/09/2018
Wydanie Pierwsze
Liczba stron 380
Forma publikacji książka w twardej oprawie
Poziom zaawansowania Dla szkół wyższych i kształcenia podyplomowego
Język angielski
ISBN 9781771885232
Kategorie Technologia plastików i polimerów, Nauka o materiałach, Inżynieria lądowa, ekspertyzy i budowa
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Scientists and researchers are looking for new smart materials to replace old or conventional materials for better performance and for new applications. The use of polymeric materials and nanomaterials is increasing due to their wide-spectrum tunability and many properties. It is now easier to formulate materials for special purposes using these materials than using conventional materials and methods. Many commercial products made from polymeric materials and nanomaterials are now in use and on the market. This book presents a diverse selection of cutting-edge research on the development of polymeric materials and nanomaterials for new and different applications. These include electrical applications, biomedical applications, sensing applications, coating applications, and others. A few chapters dedicated to materials for construction applications are also included. Discussions include the properties, behavior, preparation, processing, and characterization of various polymeric materials, nanomaterials, and their composites. Some of the chapter authors present theoretical studies of these systems, which can help readers to develop a better understanding in this area.

Functionalized Engineering Materials and Their Applications

Spis treści

Behavior of Cement Composites with Micro and Nano Mineral Admixtures

Amarnath Yerramala

Smart Material for Sensing, Catalysis and Coating: Nano Bi and Trimetallic Particles

B. Loganathan, M. Murugavelu, K. Karthick, and B. Karthikeyan

Macroscopic and Impedance study of PVC/Graphene Oxide Nanocomposties

Girish M. Joshi, Kalim Deshmukh, and S. Kalinathan

Study of Morphology and Electrical Properties of Pure and Hybrid Polymer Composites

Kalim Deshmukh, Girish M. Joshi, Akshath Sharma, Sampann Arora, Rohan Tibrawala, S. Kalainathan, and R. R. Deshmukh

Numerical Modelling of Buckling Phenomenon on Carbon Nanotubes Filled with ZnS

Paulo Cachim, Andre Monteiro, Pedro Costa, and David Holec

Experimental Investigations on the Influence of Industrial By-Products on Highly Flowable High Strength Concrete

Dhawal Desai and Prakash Nanthagopalan

Synthesis, Characterization and Electrical Properties of Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles

Priyanka K. P., Babitha K. K. , Sheena Xaviour, Mohammed E. M., and Thomas Varghese

Synthesis and Characterisation of Silane Modified Chitosan/Epoxy Composites

V. Selvam, M. Suresh Chandra Kumar, and M. Vadivel

Homogenized CAE Representation of a LD-GMT Automotive Headliner Substrate Using Rate-Dependent Plasticity Models in LS-DYNA

Jayaraj Radhakrishnan, Bhaskar Patham, Saravanan B. N, Biswajit Tripathy, and Chin Hsu Lin

Review of Strength Characterising Methodologies in Concretes

George Okeke, S. Joseph Antony, and Nesibe G. Ozerkan

Solid Particles Stabilized (Pickering) Emulsion Polymers

Chnadrashekara R Haramagatti, Shruti Bhattacharya, and Subhadip Sikdar

Chemical Modification of Major Milk Protein (Casein): Synthesis, Characterization and Application

Sweta Sinha, Gautam Sen, and Sumit Mishra

Electron Beam Deposition of Hydroxyapatite Coating on Polyamide Substrate for Biomedical Application

Hariharan K. and Arumaikkannu G.

Synthesis and Characterization of Templated Polyanilines: A New Class Of Polymeric Materials

Jyothi Lakshmi Avusula, Shantanu Kallakuri, and Subbalakshmi Jayanty

Effect of Processing Parameters on Physico-Mechanical Properties of Visible Light Cure Composites

Lizymol P. P. and Vibha C.

Effect of Carbon Black On Microstructure, Macromolecular Behavior of Nitrile Butadiene Rubber/Thermoplastic Polyurethane Composites

Mohammed Sahal and G. Unnikrishnan

Synthesis of 'Sea Urchin'-Like Microstructure h-MoO3 by Chemical Bath Deposition

N. D. Desai, V. V. Kondalkar, P. B. Pa

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