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Off Target: American Guided Bombs, Missiles and Drones 1917-1950

Off Target: American Guided Bombs, Missiles and Drones 1917-1950

Wydawnictwo Fonthill Media
Data wydania 18/02/2021
Liczba stron 544
Forma publikacji książka w twardej oprawie
Poziom zaawansowania Literatura popularna
ISBN 9781781558164
Kategorie Broń i sprzęt, Militarna flota lotnicza, Przemysł lotniczy
380.00 PLN (z VAT)
$85.91 / €81.85 / £69.35 /
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Opis książki

Every week the TV news highlights the routine use of drones and guided missiles against terrorist enemies and the recreational use of drones has become commonplace. The Nazi WWII development of guided missiles and bombs is often given credit for America's Cold War success in this realm. However, it was during that war that America, and the Air Force, in particular, also began the development of systems and weapons that laid the foundation for today's technology. 'Off Target' relates in detail the then "Secret" research, development, and combat employment of these early guided bombs, missiles, and drones from 1917 to 1948. Using formerly Secret/Confidential manuals, reports, microfilm print outs, and photos, collected over 40 years, author Wolf, gives the air war historian and enthusiast a detailed look at this unknown topic that progressed from biplane drones to sophisticated post-WWII guided missiles. Among the subjects discussed are Sperry's aerial torpedo and the Kettering "Bug" of WWI to WWII's early rudimentary GB Series Glide Bombs to the more sophisticated VB Series that evolved from radio, heat, light, or television guidance. The Aphrodite/Joseph Kennedy B-17, BQ, TDR, and target drones are discussed as are the SWOD, GLOMB, GORGON, and JB Jet bomb series.

Off Target: American Guided Bombs, Missiles and Drones 1917-1950

Spis treści

Acknowledgments; Foreword;
Chapter 1: Pilotless Weapons: Early Development 1917-Pearl Harbor;
Fathers of Remote Control;
Nicola Tesla;
Archibald Lowe;
Sperry Aerial Torpedo/Flying Bomb, Kettering Aerial Torpedo 'Bug';
The British Queen Controlled Aircraft Influence the American Aerial Torpedo;
Aerial Torpedo Resurrected Using Commercial Aircraft;
General Motors A-1 (GMA-1);
Chapter 2: Guided Bombs;
AAF GB Series Glide Bomb;
AAF VB Series Vertical Bombs;
Chapter 3: Guided Missiles;
US Navy Development of Television Controlled Missiles;
SWOD (Special Weapons Ordnance Device) Series;
'Bat'/SWOD Mk 9;
'Gorgon' Series;
'Gargoyle' Series;
JB: Jet Bomb Series;
JB-4 through -9;
'Project Bumblebee': The First SAM Missiles;
'Little Joe';
'Project Bumblebee' Ramjet Development;
'Talos' and 'Terrier';
Chapter 4: Drones Before Drones: 1935-1950;
Target Drones;
Radioplane Models;
Structure, Equipment, and Systems;
A-1 through 8;
PQ series;
Assault Drones;
'Willie Orphan';
XBQ-1/XBQ-2/XBQ-3 ;
Post-War Surplus Aircraft Drones;
Post-War QB-17 Drones;
Post-War F6F Hellcat Drones;
Chapter 5: US Navy Drone Program Development;
TDNs and TDRs Described;
Interstate XBDR-1;
Chapter 6: 'GLOMB' (Glider Bomb) Series;
AAF 'GLOMB' Projects;
Chapter 7: Conclusions on the American Guided Missile Program: 1917-1950;

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