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Unity Certified Programmer: Exam Guide: Expert tips and techniques to pass the Unity certification exam at the first attempt

Unity Certified Programmer: Exam Guide: Expert tips and techniques to pass the Unity certification exam at the first attempt

Wydawnictwo Packt Publishing Limited
Data wydania 30/06/2020
Liczba stron 758
Forma publikacji książka w miękkiej oprawie
Poziom zaawansowania Dla profesjonalistów, specjalistów i badaczy naukowych
ISBN 9781838828424
Kategorie Rozwój i programowanie gier, Certyfikaty komputerowe
177.65 PLN (z VAT)
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A practical guide to Unity game scripting using C#, backed with practice tests, exam tips, and easy-to-follow examples to help you better prepare for the exam and become a pro in Unity programming Key Features Discover the essentials of game scripting with Unity and C# to customize every aspect of your game Overcome challenges in Unity game development using effective techniques and easy solutions Pass the Unity certification exam with the help of mock tests, exam tips, and self-assessment questions Book DescriptionUnity Certified Programmer is a global certification program by Unity for anyone looking to become a professional Unity developer. The official Unity programmer exam will not only validate your Unity knowledge and skills, but also enable you to be part of the Unity community. This study guide will start by building on your understanding of C# programming and take you through the process of downloading and installing Unity. You'll understand how Unity works and get to grips with the core objectives of the Unity exam. As you advance, you'll enhance your skills by creating an enjoyable side-scrolling shooter game that can be played within the Unity Editor or any recent Android mobile device. This Unity book will test your knowledge with self-assessment questions and help you take your skills to an advanced level by working with Unity tools such as the Animator, Particle Effects, Lighting, UI/UX, Scriptable Objects, and debugging. By the end of this book, you'll have developed a solid understanding of the different tools in Unity and understand how to create impressive Unity applications by making the most of its toolset. What you will learn Discover techniques for writing modular, readable, and reusable scripts in Unity Implement and configure objects, physics, controls, and movements for your game projects Understand 2D and 3D animation and write scripts that interact with Unity's Rendering API Explore Unity APIs for adding lighting, materials, and texture to your apps Write Unity scripts for building interfaces for menu systems, UI navigation, application settings, and much more Delve into SOLID principles for writing clean and maintainable Unity applications Who this book is forThe book is for game developers, software developers, mobile app developers, and Unity developers who want to advance in the game or related industry. Basic knowledge of C# programming and Unity engine is required.

Unity Certified Programmer: Exam Guide: Expert tips and techniques to pass the Unity certification exam at the first attempt

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Table of Contents

Setting Up and Structuring Our Project
Adding and Manipulating Objects
Managing Scripts and Taking a Mock Test
Applying Art, Animation, and Particles
Creating a Shop Scene for Our Game
Purchasing In-Game Items and Advertisement
Creating a Game Loop and Mock Test
Adding Custom Fonts and UI
Creating a 2D Shop Interface and In-Game HUD
Pausing the Game, Altering Sound, and a Mock Test
Storing Data and Audio Mixer
NavMesh, Timeline, and a Mock Test
Effects, Testing, Performance, and Alt Controls
Full Unity Programmer Mock Exam

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